Places you must see when you visit Rome, Italy

When I visited Rome I was in awe of the many beautiful churches. They’re everywhere and close to many of the piazzas. We visited a few of the piazzas. We saw the Trevi Fountain and more. They were working on restoring Trevvi Fountain so we couldn’t really get close to it. The fashion industry of Rome is taking care and preserving a lot of Rome’s precious landmarks. They’re also working on the Coliseum. I’m just thankful someone is stepping up and restoring and preserving these amazing landmarks and history.


My mom and son in front of a fountain in a Piazza close to our hotel.

The Pantheon which was built before Christ. It was burned down and rebuilt later. Pantheon They still hold church services here. We went back to see it again and church was being held. I thought that was cool.

This was where Micheal Angelo got the vision for St. Peter’s Basilica. He walked in and said this is what i must do at St. Peter’s Basillica. Wow.

pantheon 2

pantheon 3

We visited the Forum and Palatine Hill.

Roman Forum

We went to the Coliseum. It’s so huge in person. I was in awe thinking about the animals that fought there or the people. The Roman chariot races too. Many of the roads are still cobblestone.

My mom and I at the Coliseum Rome, Italy.
the coliseum



We went to the Vatican. A huge amazing amalgum of buildings and people everywhere. We saw lots of robed men walking through the city.Everywhere we went we saw amazing views.

DSC02572 - Copy (2)

DSC02583 - Copy

DSC02394 - Copy


We ate at amazing restaurants and even the views out their windows were good. We went to Naples and had pizza at a place full of marble. It was on the walls, floors, doorways. I was in awe of all the marble. Naples is the birthplace of pizza.

We visited the Castle Sant’ Angelo. My son took us on this trip to Rome because of being able to play on top of this Castle in a video game. LOL I really don’t care why we went I’m just glad we did. If you’re ever going to travel overseas make sure you check out the travellers guide to driving etiquette.

Castle Sant’ Angelo
Castle Sant' Angelo

Had to say hi to this dude standing guard outside the Castle.

If you travel all the way to Rome you have to go to Pompeii. I’ve wanted to visit Pompeii since I read about it in the 5th grade.



If you’ve ever wanted to know about Rome and you’re curious, my suggestion is GO! See these amazing wonders of the world for yourself! Get a really good book on Italy before you go! Check out my last two posts on How to Go to Rome on the cheap and on the eating food on the cheap in Italy. Let’s not forget what there is to learn in Rome. What site in this world would you most want to see? Leave me a comment.

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