Hey! My UnEntitled Life is written for moms and dads who want to save money, eat great and do fun things with their children. I love to share recipes, crafts and money saving tips with you. My goal is to get you out of debt and eating great while enjoying your life and learning to love the place you’re at right now. I hope you walk away knowing it’s okay to not have a ton of money as long as you have fun and enjoy your kids. Learn to love where you are right now! 

My UnEntitled Life strives to be more Earth conscious. So you’ll see posts on how to garden, make a rain barrel, and how to homestead where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re suburban or rural we can still do things like combining errands and make the most of your time. Buying less and learning to be happy with what you have is another thing we strive for. We want you happy where you are right now. You don’t have to have a million dollars to know you’re a good person with good values who’s making a difference in this world. 

My UnEntitled Life loves to share pop culture with you. Whether it’s what’s out at the movies or seeing the recap for a show on TV you’ll find it all here! 

My UnEntitled Life wants to help you move more. Whether it’s walking in the neighborhood or doing a cool cutting edge workout we want to help you be in the best shape of your life. Won’t you read and become a lifelong learner of how to get healthy! You can get it all here. So please while you’re thinking about it subscribe to my facebook page for the latest updates and become a lifelong member of My UnEntitled Life newsletter (top of the page where you get a free household notebook printable to keep you organized and up to date!). Then you’ll enjoy all that My UnEntitled Life has to offer. 

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