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 About Dina. I’m a work at home mom who has a degree in Early Childhood Education. I enjoyed teaching for 16 years in some capacity. I love being a blogger more though. I started My UnEntitled Life so I could share my tips on grief and loss, cooking,  saving money, parenting and frugal living. It has grown into something so much more! I love offering my readers reviews and giveaways along with my tips on family finances, parenting, recipes and crafting.


About my site. My site is 96% read by moms in the age range of 25-44 (64% in this age range) with young children. They are educated women mostly from the US. Although I have 19 other countries reading as well. They view my blog from the comfort of their home. My alexa rank currently is 112,170 US (4/17/17).  I have 19332 twitter followers, google plus friends have circled me 2221 times and I have 11942 facebook fans. My instagram fans are 4463. My pinterest fans number 8012.  My monthly pageviews are 30218 for last month and I have had 11223 unique visitors. I have 1082 newsletter subscribers.

Why should you work with me?
I take great pride in my site and divulge a lot of time making them the best that they can be. I will actively work to get more visitors to my site daily and will work hard on all social media sites to promote you daily! Please let me know how I can be an advertiser to you! On the business side the brands I work with monthly include vivaNutrition, HP Smart Mom,  and I am a Strawberry Shortcake Ambassador. Brands I’ve enjoyed working with in the past include: Publix, Cheerios, Advil, Rite Aid, Enterprise Rent-a-car, Gutzy Gear, Pack It, Walgreens, Heely’s, Mr. Chewy, Orgreenic Pans, Spanx, Legoland, Pennsylvania, Newport Beach and New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Glade, Chili’s, Miracle Gro and many more. Please let me meet your writing needs. I’d love to get the word out about you!

We’d love for you to become a sponsor to one giveaways. It will bring you huge traffic and will stay on our blog as a link to you for years to come. Our blogs promote daily on facebook, twitter and instagram. Plus we promote many other ways too! Want to know more? Email me! dina@myunentitledlifedotcom