Hot Sunglasses for Summer

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I love a good pair of shades. I had a pair of sunglasses that I used for over 7 years. I finally had to retire them because they were so scratched up. I went looking and decided that it was time for a new pair. I ordered these glasses frames from the I was very happy with their shipping and service time. Here’s a picture of the pair of sunglasses that I chose. 

side view of my sunglasses

I’ve been using them about 7 days now and can say that I’m very happy with them. They dim the sun for my eyes and make me look good too. You can get some with a great 50% off discount if you go to get your prescription sunglasses and put in this code GSHOT50. That’s a great deal. 

Another shot of these beautiful sunglasses on me!

hot sunglasses for summer

Not only do they have sunglasses but they also have eyeglasses. These  would be a great addition to enhance your vision. If you’re looking for sunglasses there are a few things for you to look for. Make sure you like the shape on your face. Does it have enough tint on them for your eyes? Does the color look good with your skin tone? Would you be happy wearing these for a year or more? I said yes to all these and do really love my new sunglasses. What do you make sure to look for when you buy sunglasses? 

hot sunglasses for summer

Hot Sunglasses for Summer
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Hot Sunglasses for Summer
are you wondering what to look for when you buy sunglasses? I've got tips for you here!
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are you wondering what to look for when you buy sunglasses? I've got tips for you here!

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