Lots of Great Valentine’s Day Ideas all in one post!

Valentine's Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day Ideas

I love Valentine’s Day but I am always in need of Valentine’s Day Ideas. I try to not spend a lot of money on it, well because we don’t have a lot of money. So I asked my friends for their top Valentine’s Day Ideas and gathered them all up in one place for you, my readers. I hope you can find something that will work for your family here. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Ideas from blogs around the net.

First of all,  you can see my quick, easy and yummy Valentine’s Day cake. 

Then see my Valentine’s Day Ideas for 10 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Dates.

My friend Jenni has a great Chocolate Bread recipe that would be divine for Valentine’s Day! Here’s her sweetheart trail mix recipe too.

Becca has a great family tree Valentine’s Day Idea.

Stephanie has a lovely tissue paper heart card idea for you.

Janell has a yummy steak recipe that you can make without a grill!

Great Valentine’s Day Ideas makes me happy!

Just writing this out has me all happy and ready for Valentine’s Day. It’s nice to celebrate a day that we celebrate others being in our lives. Putting the focus on someone else is good for the soul. So, don’t spend a lot of money but let that other person in your life know that they are so very important to you. I need to plan a great inexpensive Valentine’s Day for my kids. I’ll need Valentine’s Day Ideas for the crockpot because I’ll be at basketball practice that night, naturally.

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  1. Some great stuff is here! I will be sure to save them for next year – thank you for sharing!

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