Identity Thief Review

identity thief review

Identity Thief Review

My hubby and I went out with friends this past weekend. We went and saw Identity Thief. I loved this movie. It’s rated R and it has some sexual situations but no nudity, but I must confess I was blushing! It has bad words so I think it definitely needed the R rating. But as an adult I have to say I absolutely loved this movie. I laughed out loud frequently and often. Not only is it a comedy but it sends a good message of how people can change when someone takes an interest in them and loves them. Just because you are the person you are today doesn’t mean you can’t change and become a better you tomorrow.

Identity Thief Review: It was loved by me!

This movie made me laugh and it made me tear up. It shows that people can change and that people don’t intend harm. I know that is probably hokey but it had lots of sweet moments that you don’t see in the trailer. I love Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. They made a great team. It starts out with Jason Bateman having a bad day at his job. It then goes to him needing to reclaim his life and the only way to do that is to stop the Identity Thief and get her to confess to using his name and identity. What he fails to realize is that he thought he could hop a plane with her but both their identities are the same. Uh, that’s probably not going to fly so they have to drive from Florida to Colorado. Hilarity ensues.

Identity Thief Review: Take your partner and go see it.

It is a great date movie. You will laugh and enjoy a fun movie that ends with a punch. The only thing that made me sad about this movie is there were no outtakes. None. We waited and waited for our outtakes. Sniff, sniff. Go and enjoy and have your own Identity Thief Review!




This movie was paid for and enjoyed by me. I was not compensated for this review in any way just wanted to share with others.

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  1. This looks like such a funny movie!! I’ve been seeing the previews and it just looks hilarious! Thanks for the review, I can’t wait to see it.

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