Win Steaks from @BeefPros Simple as a photo on instagram or a pin on pinterest

The first contest from @BeefPros is the Instagram contest. I’ve got a picture I’m going to upload and do today for the #BeefTacoTuesday Photo contest! Get yours ready too! 

Beef Taco Tuesday photo contest

Here’s the rules for the instagram contest. Instagram not your favorite social media? Check out how to pin and win from @BeefPros. I’ll be pinning my tacos recipe too! Thanks @BeefPros. See the rules at

Beef Fiesta Pin it Promotion

Who doesn’t want to win steaks? I know I do. It’s one thing we have for special occasions but not every week. Maybe once every 4  months or more.  I’d love to win those steaks. Thanks to BeefPros for letting us know about these great contests! Make sure you get your pictures in and instagram them and then pin it to enter the contests. See the rules at and then enter to win.  Follow our sponsor on Instagram, Pinterest and twitter

What would you like to win more? Are you a steak family? Hamburgers? Roast? Or do you love all things beef? We love all things beef. We eat hamburgers once a week or so. Then we have roast at least once or twice a month. Steaks are my husband and son’s favorite. Roast is my daughter’s favorite. Hamburgers are mine and my other son’s favorites. We love a good burger grilled outside with fries. Steaks are what we make for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. My dear husband is such a great cook and we love for him to grill out. I’m thankful for a man that can grill and grill well. We would be thrilled with any beef. So why not enter your pictures and see if it’s you that wins! 

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