How to have fun with your friends over the holidays

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How to Have Fun with Your Friends Over the Holidays

how to have fun with your friends over the holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to have fun with our friends. Besides our family, friends are what keep us going in life. Most of the time, having fun with friends is something that comes naturally. Check out these tips for how to have fun with friends over the holidays.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Over the holiday season, it’s fun to create a relaxing atmosphere for friends.. Create a place where your friends feel welcomed and relaxed. By creating a relaxing atmosphere, you’re encouraging people to set their worries aside and have fun for a short period of time. A relaxing atmosphere can include music or a movie playing in the background. Anything that will help them to just unwind and cast their worries away. 

Pagoda potstickers fun with friends over the holidays

Have snacks prepared and ready to serve


Do you know what makes people happy? FOOD! When you have snacks prepared and ready to serve, you’re going to have fun with those friends of yours. Food is what makes the world go ‘round. I personally love that there are so many food options for the holidays. If you don’t want to be in charge of all the snacks, ask your friends to bring them too. It’s always nice to have a variety of foods to choose from. The snacks from Pagoda® are so easy to prepare and much more fun than the classic chips and salsa. Their potstickers and egg rolls are my kids favorite. When I pulled them out to take this picture an entire slice of carrot popped out. I love that they have fresh-cut veggies, from-scratch wrappers and 100% white meat chicken in them. I grabbed mine in the freezer section when I was at Publix purchasing groceries the other day. You can get a  $1 off Pagoda® Snacks digital coupon here and save money on them too. 


Play lots of fun games together

One of my favorite ways to have fun with my friends over the holidays is playing board games together. My friends are competitive, so playing games together helps us to cut loose and have fun. Have everyone bring their favorite board game over and have at it! If most people don’t like board games, create your own games. They also have tons of games on your phones now that can be played over the TV. We love those games. 

Have fun just chatting with friends over the holidays 

So many times, gatherings are stressful, and help no one. You can have fun with your friends this holiday season by just chatting. Invite your friends over for Christmas movies and hot cocoa. It’s amazing how simple activities can create the best atmospheres. My girlfriends and I always get together before the holidays to celebrate our friendship. It’s a good thing. 

PS Set these out instead of Cookies on December 25th!


Now, want to really have fun with your friends? Invite them over and serve them Pagoda Potstickers and Egg Rolls. Nothing beats having friends over for some good food and fun. Your friends will definitely know you care about them when you serve these potstickers and egg rolls. Don’t forget to use this coupon to save you money on the Pagoda snacks at Publix. My favorite part of serving Pagoda Snacks is that they are made without any certified artificial dyes, no MSG, no trans fats, no PHOs, no high fructose corn syrup and no preservatives. They taste good too. 

What are your favorite snacks to serve your friends? Do you have a potluck? How do you plan on spending time with your friends this holiday season? It’s going to be a great time of the year!

How to have fun with your friends over the holidays
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How to have fun with your friends over the holidays
Are you looking for fun ways to spend time with your friends over the holidays? Here's some great ways to do it.
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Are you looking for fun ways to spend time with your friends over the holidays? Here's some great ways to do it. AD

8 Replies to “How to have fun with your friends over the holidays”

  1. Sounds like an amazing time. I am hoping to go and check out the tree at Rockefeller and the Macy’s windows with friends this holiday season. That would be a nice trip to take.

  2. Surely holidays are wonderful! These are time for friends to gather and chit chat with each other. I love playing cards and having overnight parties on such awesome days.

  3. You’re so right that we need to make time to enjoy the holidays with our friends. I like doing things like baking cookies or making holiday centerpieces to give as gifts.

  4. I like to get together with friends and keep it simple. We like to drink our wine and chat by the fireplace. I like to do a cheese platter and macaroons for dessert.

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