Holiday traditions you want to start now

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Christmas is quickly sneaking up on us. It seems to always do that. It’s like I don’t even know that it occurs at the same time each year. I love the holidays. These next two months are my favorite time of the year. It’s all about family and focusing on being together. It’s a great time to start some new holiday traditions. We have a few we do every year. 

Holiday traditions you want to start now

The first one we do is my daughter and I bake. We make fudge. We make chocolate covered pretzels. We make cookies and so many delicious sweets to share with friends and family. My kids look forward to us doing it every year. My daughter does notice if we don’t do it or we do it too late in the holiday season. She keeps me on my toes.  It’s a tradition we both look forward to. 


The next tradition I started when my children were very young. Every year over the holidays my kids always get new pajamas. They’re getting older and I so miss shopping in the smaller kids section. So this year my best friend’s daughter is having a baby. So, I went to Kohl’s and bought her 4-year-old daughter and her baby-to-be new Carters America’s favorite pajamas  to continue our Christmas tradition.  It’s a labor of love to buy pajamas every year. You want something you know will keep them warm and cozy. You also want them different for baby then for the 4-year-old. Carter’s has you covered. I was able to shop in one department and get the baby and the 4-year-old matching pajamas.  The baby gets footed pajamas and the 4-year-old gets a cool but warm fleece bottoms with a cotton top. So adorable! I just love that! Aren’t they just the cutest?


Reasons why Carter’s pajamas are my favorite

My bestie loves owls. So I was so excited to find these super cute pajamas to gift to her family. They had so many cute ones to choose from. I love that you can find them in cotton, polyester, or fleece. You can get them with footies or without. You can get the gowns and even matching gowns for their baby dolls. How precious is that? That is going to make many parents excited to get their children who love baby dolls pajamas. 


They come in so many sizes and colors. I love the owls on her pajamas but I also love the blue in the pajamas right behind the baby owl pajamas. It’s so vibrant and pretty. Here is the sweet girl opening her pajamas. She loved them so. 



I love the many different kinds of pajamas that Carters has such as: Destination Dreamland, Carter’s holiday sleepwear collection with new color schemes and holiday themes. I also love that their pajamas come in Baby, Toddler and Little Kids sizes. That makes it fun to get those matching sets! This was her seeing baby sisters pajamas. She loved them so! 

baby sisters pajamas

Then the picture of them all. This is such a sweet shot! 


Here’s the picture of baby, mom and big sister with her pajamas.

Our last tradition we always made cookies the night before. Then we set that out with milk right at our fireplace. The kids looked forward to doing this every year. They know better now and I so miss this tradition. This is a tradition we love to continue. Do you include pajamas in your holiday traditions? What other fun traditions do you and the kids do? 


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Holiday traditions you want to start
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Holiday traditions you want to start
Are you looking to start some fun holiday traditions? Check out the ones we do as a family!
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Are you looking to start some fun holiday traditions? Check out the ones we do as a family! #ad #CartersJammies @Kohls @carters

18 Replies to “Holiday traditions you want to start now”

  1. It was a family tradition to buy the kids new jammies and let them open them on Christmas eve. Now my daughter carries on the tradition with her children.

  2. Christmas jammies are super cute. I used to put my boys in matching Carter’s jammies when they were little and they were adorable.

  3. My kids used to wear Carters pajamas all the time. They’ve outgrown them now, which makes me sad, but I can go back and look at photos at least. I usually always picked out Christmas pajamas from Carters.

  4. I always buy the grandkids Christmas PJ’s to open on Christmas Eve! Then I take a ton of photos. I’ve been loving Carter’s for years – such a great brand!

  5. I have to agree with you on this one – Carter’s really does make the best pajamas for kids. I found that out early on with my first born and I really didn’t ever purchase any otherpajamas fro my kiddos when they were younger other than Carters!

  6. These are both traditions we still do. Christmas means lots of baking and cookies and treats. And the PJ’s are always under the tree to open on Christmas Eve.

  7. We love holiday traditions. When my hubs & I got married we combined a few from our childhood and created a few of our own. New PJ’s on Christmas Eve was one of his and I love that we do it!

  8. I used to do Christmas Eve pajama’s, and did for years. It ended up that the kids stopped really wearing them, so it felt like I was spending money needlessly. We do advent calendar’s in December leading up to Christmas.

  9. We buy pajamas or pillows or something cozy for Christmas Eve, but my kids’ favorite Christmas tradition is their book. Every year, we buy each child a book significant of their life that year (like a board book about construction trucks when my son was totally into bulldozers and a ballerina book the year my daughter started ballet). Inside the front cover, my husband and I each write the kids a note to share a special memory or word of encouragement or something. When my oldest got married 1.5 years ago, he asked if the book tradition could continue. <3

  10. We always do Pajamas on Christmas Eve, my parents used to do it too! It is one of my favorite traditions!

  11. We are all about enjoying hot cocoa and Christmas books while cuddling in our new pajamas. We haven’t had the greatest results with Carter’s in the past because the clothing would shrink, but I am open to giving them another try!

  12. I love the Carter’s brand, I’ve been putting it on my kids for years. We do the new pajama tradition very year. I love picking them out for the family.

  13. We just have a tradition to give presents to every family member but this pajamas is a good idea. Why not we try this too. Thanks for sharing your tradition with your readers. Advance Merry Christmas!

  14. Cute photos! We do not include pajamas in your holiday traditions but I think it’s such a nice tradition. I think I might try to find matching pajamas for all the family this year and give it a go.

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