Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree Decor

Stay tuned friends I have a lot of fun Christmas ornaments and decor coming up for you in the next few weeks so make sure you stay tuned! With Thanksgiving behind us we can all get on with the fun of doing crafts and making gifts for the holidays. Check out my upcycled pallet Christmas Tree decor. 


Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree Decor

Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree decor materials needed:


Pallet wood 1×3 or 1×4 works best
A hand or electric saw
Red wood stain
White chalk paint
Large star confetti or stickers
Hot glue gun

Upcycled Pallet Christmas tree diy Instructions:

1. Begin by cutting three equal pieces of pallet wood. Wood that is 1×3 or 1×4 works
best for this project. We used a 1×4 and cut it into 3 pieces that were 11 inches long
each. You can mark this with a ruler and use a simple hand saw if you do not have
an electric saw.
2. Paint each piece of cut pallet wood with a layer of red wood stain. Let the stain sit on
the wood for a minute or two, and then wipe off with a clean rag or paper towel in one
smooth motion. You can also leave it to dry as is without wiping any off, but it will
look more like a paint then a stain in that case.
3. Once you have painted the front and sides of each board, let them dry completely.


4. With the pallet boards dry, lay them on a flat surface and begin painting different
Christmas tree designs on the front of each one. We used white chalk paint because
it dries quickly, but you can use any craft paint you have on hand. View the photo for
inspiration on how to make each of your trees. Leave a few inches between the top
of each tree and the edge of the piece of wood. This is where your star and twine will
5. When the chalk paint has dried, hot glue or stick a large confetti star shape or sticker
to the top of each tree.

6. Cut a length of twine and wrap it around the top of each piece of pallet wood. You
can do this any way you like. The twine can overlap and even cross over the star
shape at the top of your tree. Secure the ends of the twine on the back of each pallet
wood piece with hot glue.


Christmas is my favorite season. I love to craft and make things to give as gifts. This would make an excellent gift for someone you love. Before you go follow me on facebook and pinterest. Then go check out my other homemade Christmas diy ideas


Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree Decor
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Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree Decor
Do you enjoy making homemade gifts for the family. I've got so many great ideas here for you! Start with my upcycled pallet Christmas tree diy.
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My UnEntitled Life
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Do you enjoy making homemade gifts for the family. I've got so many great ideas here for you! Start with my upcycled pallet Christmas tree diy.

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