Going Places in a Toyota 4Runner LTD

For about 5 years we owned a Toyota 4Runner and it was by far our favorite vehicle. The only reason we got rid of it was because at the time we had lots of bills come up that we needed to pay and we bought a less expensive car. You know how that is. Anyway I’ve missed that truck and I know my husband has. So it was an honor to be able to drive around in this beauty for a week. 


This dream vehicle was loaded with goodies. From heated seats to heated mirrors it had it all. One of our favorite things was the moonroof. It was beautiful to look up and see the stars at night or the sun first thing in the morning. 


I loved that it had Sirius XM radio too. We may or may not have been jamming to some Red Hot Chili Peppers as we went about our daily tasks. I do not normally have XM so that was such a plus. 


We tooled around going from a fun Bonfire on Saturday night to grabbing groceries on Sunday. With third row seats this vehicle holds a lot of passengers and groceries. You can see below the haul we got! 


Sometimes you just need some shopping therapy. I rarely do retail therapy. Most of my retail therapy is just buying groceries for us 5 almost all adults. We eat a lot of food. But the family had so much fun testing out this car that I managed to get one of the teens to go with us. It was a blast. 

This beauty shown with leather seats, the sun roof, XM and more will only run you about $2050 a year in fuel. I love that the newer cars have so much of a fuel savings It says on my older car I’ll spend $3250 a year. Yikes. 

Between the 5 star side crash rating and the 4 star overall rating this is one sweet ride. When the week was over I was so sad to see it go back home. But it was fun driving it while I had it. Have you ever owned a Toyota? Would you buy a new vehicle? 


Going Places in a Toyota 4Runner LTD @toyota #letsgoplaces #drivetoyota
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Going Places in a Toyota 4Runner LTD @toyota #letsgoplaces #drivetoyota
wondering if the Toyota 4runner is a good family car? I've got the review for you.
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wondering if the Toyota 4runner is a good family car? I've got the review for you. #ad @toyota #drivetoyota #letsgoplaces

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