Poppin Tires Cars Snack for Cars 3 and Carsland introduction

Did you hear that Cars 3 is now out on Digital and Bluray! If you’ve not seen it you so should. It’s got such a positive message for girls and a very caring message for boys as well. It’s… well, it’s inspirational. Both my teens loved this movie.  Check out this great snack I made up just for this viewing party for your kids. It’s a poppin tires cars snack recipe.

cars 3 poppin tires viewing party snack

Here’s what you need to enjoy this Cars 3 poppin tires snack idea! 

cars 3 snack idea ingredients


candy corn


mini oreos (the tires)

Cars 3 movie 

Pop the popcorn and add your other items to your cups. Then grab these great eyes off of Hustle Mom Repeat and add them to your cups to hold your popcorn in like I did. Then you’ve got a Lightening McQueen cup and a Cruz Ramirez cup too.  Check out my pics below. It’s a super fun and easy snack to make while you’re enjoying your viewing party. 

cars 3 poppin tires viewing party snack

We had a great time when we were invited to attend the press junket trip for Thor Ragnarok. Thank you to Disney for inviting me out on this trip. While we were in California we went to Disney’s California Adventure and hung out in Carsland. There are so many fun rides and things to do here. Let’s look at a few of my pictures from Disney’s California Adventure. 

Disney’s California Adventure is decked out for Halloween. It’s so cute and was so much fun to see how they had decorated it. They even had Lightening McQueen dressed up as a super hero. See his pic below? 

california adventure carsland

We rode in the Radiator Springs racers. Here’s our photo. I video’d the entire ride to show you and it is in slo mo. So that’s very dark and painful to watch. haha! It was a racing good time. 

radiator springs racing

We enjoyed the line dancing cars in CarsLand as well. They were super fun for the young ones. Nothing to fast or bad about this ride. 

To see Disneyland at all was a thrill for me. I’ve only ever been to Disneyworld. So this was my first time at California Adventure and Disneyland. 

carsland decorated for halloween

You’re going to want to get there and check it out. While you’re there you can grab the Max Pass. You can choose to add it on when you renew your yearly pass or you can add it to your park ticket through the Disneyland app. Then you get all the photopass picture downloads as well. You’re going to want this for your trip. Trust me! It’s so convenient to get it all on the app. Just scan your ticket into the app and add your Max Pass to it. Then you can make your Disney FASTPASS reservation even quicker with Disney MaxPass! As soon as your mobile Disney FASTPASS barcode has been scanned at an attraction, you can immediately reserve another attraction. It’s a good thing. 

Check out the trailer and Cars 3 movie info!


Directed by Brian Fee (storyboard artist “Cars,” “Cars 2”) and Produced by Kevin Reher (“A Bug’s Life,” “La Luna” short), CARS 3 cruises into theaters on June 16th!

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Visit the official CARS 3 website here: http://movies.disney.com/cars-3

cars 3 crazy 8 racing

CARS 3 now available on digital and bluray! 

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Need a fun snack to make for your Cars 3 viewing party? Check out our poppin tires cars snack and an intro to Carsland at Halloween! #ThorRagnarokEvent AD

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