5 Fun Ways to Use Essential Oils this Fall

I’m slowly seeing everything around me turn to pumpkin. Are you a pumpkin fan? Fall just wouldn’t be the same without it. For me it’s less about the pumpkin and more about the festivals, changing colors and crisp cool air that accompanies hoodie weather. As autumn approaches it stirs up something magical inside me and I find myself getting stupid giddy over the changing of the scenery. 

5 fun ways to use essential oils this fall

5 Fun Ways to Use Essential Oils This Fall

To celebrate, I use the approaching season as the perfect time to switch up my essential oils so that they capture the spicy seasonal aroma that I love. And since I’m doing that right now, I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favorite and fun ways that I like to use essential oils during the fall. Did someone say bonfire? Fires are my absolute favorite thing about this time of year. Bonfires, fireplaces, fire pits and candles. I love watching the flickering of the flame; it’s beautiful and tranquil and speaks to my soul. Bonfires offer togetherness and connectedness and signal the perfect time for camping and football.

Essential oils add aroma to your fire and are a nice way to capture the essence of the oils. All you have to do is apply 8-10 drops of essential oil to a dry log and allow a few days for it to absorb the oil (it is very important that you wait, essential oils are flammable). My favorite essential oils for the fire are Lavender, Coriander, Sandalwood and Sage but you can use whatever inspires you.

Say “No More” to cold hands and feet. Warm fuzzy socks combined with warming essential oils are a fun way to stay toasty on those chilly nights. Some essential oils are warm to the touch and increase blood flow which combats the cold. Dilute the oils and apply to the soles of the feet, cover with socks. Within minutes you’ll feel your body start to warm up. The best warming oils are Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Rosemary and Ginger. Cinnamon is my absolute fave. 

essential oils for peace, balance and harmony

Depending on where you live, autumn can be torture when you’re plagued with seasonal allergies. Essential oils to the rescue! A great way to reap the wellness benefits of essential oils is by using them in the shower. Combined with the steam from the shower it’s similar to the effects of diffusing but packs a powerful punch; much needed for fighting the allergies of the changing season. The easiest way to do this is by applying essential oils directly to your showerhead. If that doesn’t work for you, you can apply a couple of drops to the wall, the shower floor or apply to a washcloth. Use spearmint or eucalyptus combined with rosemary for allergies, any citrus oil for an energy boost and lavender or frankincense for a peaceful night’s sleep. There’s a little something for everyone.

Have you thought to use your essential oils to scent letters and cards? Elevate wedding and
party invitations, holiday cards and even wrapping paper by adding a pleasing aroma to the paper. Don’t worry essential oils won’t ruin the paper; in fact one of the ways to tell if you have pure oil is by placing a drop on a white piece of paper, it should dry clear. Floral and citrus essential oils are the best choice for using on stationery. And if you’re dying to try this, go ahead and send a note to friend just letting them know they’re on your mind. They’ll appreciate the gesture.

Whenever I’m combining oils and in a creative mood I take the time to put together a DIY essential oil spray. They come in handy to freshen up the bathroom, the car and can be used for vacuuming and near garbage cans to eliminate funky odors. It’s super easy to do; in a 4oz glass bottle combine 1-Tbsp vodka, 6-Tbsp filtered water and 10-20 drops of essential oils and you’re ready to spritz. My two favorite combos’ are Lavender and Vanilla or Orange and Jasmine; both smell wonderful.

The fall season is the perfect time to experiment with new blends, spicy scents and use the powerful properties of essential oils. If you haven’t jumped on board that train yet, get to it! I believe they are one of nature’s gifts designed to be a resource that complements our lifestyle. Don’t knock it till you try it and if you invite me to your next bonfire I promise to come prepared.

Check out my other essential oil posts. Also see my pumpkin recipes for creamer and pumpkin cookies and more . To keep up with the blog and follow the fun join us at our facebook page or follow us in pinterest and instagram.

5 Fun Ways to Use Essential Oils this Fall
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5 Fun Ways to Use Essential Oils this Fall
Want to try some new ways to use essential oils? I've got some fun ways to use them this fall.
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Want to try some new ways to use essential oils? I've got some fun ways to use them this fall.

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