How to Overcome Despair and Live a Life of Abundant Joy

Today is World Suicide Awareness day. It’s not a reason to celebrate but it’s a reason to bring some attention to mental health. If you’re going through something please reach out. There are people who love you that want you here. Read on to learn how to overcome despair and live a live of abundant joy! Hugs my friends.

Have you ever felt lonely, guilty or overwhelming sadness? Maybe you’ve been taken advantage of, been mistreated or experienced a major trauma in your life. Perhaps you have this emptiness or unhappiness inside and you’re not sure why. Unless you’re “IN IT” and experiencing it, you can’t begin to understand it. Despair is real. It’s not just a state of mind but an all-encompassing black hole. It’s a hand clutched on the heart so tightly you want to cry out, except you can’t. Your voice is stuck, buried in concrete and it’s too difficult to form the necessary words. I have some help. Help to overcome despair and live a life of abundant joy it’s waiting for you.

how to overcome despair and live in joy

Here’s how to Overcome Despair and Live a Life of Abundant Joy

If you have a friend or relative, someone you care about that’s been struggling, you have a responsibility to love them, support them without judgment and without conditions. They need your compassion and understanding more than anything. It’ll be hard but they’ll need to know they’re worth it. They deserve a champion who’s going to fight for them. Are you up for the challenge?

I believe we all have a responsibility to show love and kindness to others. What if it were you in those shoes? Better yet, what if it were your son or daughter? I’m sure you’d hope that others would treat them a certain way, help them when you can’t, care for them and meet their needs. If you’re personally at this place of despair, grief or loneliness right now, I want you to know there IS hope. It doesn’t have to be this way and there is joy to be had in this life.
I want to help you overcome your despair and lead a life of abundant joy. Here’s how!

Take inventory:

Before we can successfully see positive change in our lives we first have to be totally honest
with ourselves. It’s important that you can identify the emotions you’re feeling whether or not you understand why. You’ll have to admit the uncomfortable and be honest with yourself about your darkest thoughts and secrets. Healing starts at the bottom.

Forgive yourself:

No one is perfect and you don’t have to be. Maybe you’ve made some poor decisions,
maybe they’ve even affected other people; I promise you’re not the only one. I’m not saying it’s okay; some things have the ability to destroy other people. Just know there is no benefit to hanging on to the guilt. If you’ve wronged someone acknowledge it, make it right if you can and move on. You don’t have to hang your head in shame anymore. We are human and victims of our past experiences; it’s time to stop living in that past.

Get it out:

So much of that emotion is locked inside it’s important to have an outlet so you can release it. Talk to someone, write it down or shout it from the rooftops; either way you can’t keep it to yourself. This is why you often see people seek out journaling, art and music therapy. They offer emotional healing in an intimate way. Holding on to those negative thoughts and emotions only allows the feelings to fester and consume you. So let them go and get relief.

Go through the motions:

No matter how hard it gets I want to encourage you to put one foot in front of the
other and to through the motions of daily living. Eat well, practice good hygiene, show up for work and interact with someone every day. These actions will keep you engaged in your life and hanging on to the possibility of joy and pleasure even though you aren’t feeling it at the moment. This also gives you the opportunity to experience brief moments of happiness which is extremely important to emotional recovery.


I remember as a child being reprimanded for daydreaming too much. I get that we shouldn’t spend all of our time with our ‘head in the clouds” but not at all? Ridiculous! If you’re in a dark place and truly struggling there’s nothing wrong with a little dreaming. Give yourself 30 minutes, without guilt, to daydream with a purpose. Imagine a joy-filled life and what that would look like for you. Later on as you’re making .progress you can start planning on how to get that life, you DO deserve it. If your daydreaming starts teetering on the brink of imagining bad things or bringing feelings of extreme sadness or anxiety SNAP OUT
OF IT. It’s not healthy and doesn’t serve you. We want to move forward with joy.

Get a checkup:

It’s important to rule out any underlying conditions. Medical issues, hormonal imbalance and
vitamin deficiencies can all impact mood and metal clarity. Make sure you are getting Vitamin D and sunshine. Spending too much time indoors or in dark spaces can contribute to depression and sadness. Surround yourself with people: Do NOT go it alone no matter how tempting it might be. People can offer support, camaraderie, empathy and laughter; all of which are essential for emotional healing. Even if you don’t interact much, just being in the circle can provide a level of comfort that you might desperately need. This one can be hard especially for the introverted, if so start slowly and just plan things once or twice a week. If you’re not ready for this step simply visit a public space where people are present and hang out; coffee shops, bookstores and movies are all wonderful alternatives.

Laugh even if you don’t feel like it: Recent studies have shown that even pretend or forced laughter offers the same health benefits and impacts the brain the same way as genuine laughter. So cut loose, if you’re not up for stand-up or comedy shows try-on some maniacal laughter in the comfort of your living room; it might look crazy and feel awkward at first but don’t knock it till you try-it. It’s okay to get a little goofy.

Start a bucket list:

Start a wish list or bucket list of things you’d like to see or do in this life. It can be an
ongoing list that you add to throughout the years, doesn’t have to be ‘completed’. This exercise is important not only because it brings you pleasure thinking about those things but because it forces you to consider a future which is critical during times of despair, grief or heartbreak. If you’re up for it, pick one thing from the list; plan it and do it. Doing something on your bucket list will bring you joy and a sense of accomplishment. If you can do
this you can achieve an amazing step on the journey to self-discovery and emotional wellness.

Forgive others:

Oftentimes anger gets confused with sadness and creates emotional turmoil. When people
we love do things that hurt us it can leave unresolved feelings behind and make it difficult for us to move on. Don’t let others have this power over you and hold you down. Find a way to forgive and lighten the burden and emotional load. You will feel a weight off your shoulders when you let go of this excess emotional baggage.


It can be difficult to get motivated when you’re in a dark place. Usually exercise is the last thing you feel like doing but if you can force yourself to get moving, even for a small walk, you can reap some amazing benefits. Exercise releases endorphins that improve mood and boosts immunity while offering a wealth of other health benefits. Walking, gardening, bicycling and swimming are all great ways to get exercise and enjoy an immediate positive impact on your mood and emotion.

Consider professional help:

I hope that through this exercise you are able to recognize and muster up some
drive to begin a journey of emotional healing but if you aren’t able to start and are truly stuck you should consider meeting with a professional or seeking out alternative therapies. It’s important that you find someone you can connect with and feel good about and it may not be the first person you meet; and that’s okay.

Life can be tough at times and you have nothing to be ashamed of if you’re in a low season. Many of us have been there and know the struggle you are facing. With a concerted effort and commitment to yourself you can overcome and have a life of abundant joy. Know that this won’t last forever and good things are on the horizon.


How to Overcome Despair and Live a Life of Abundant Joy
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How to Overcome Despair and Live a Life of Abundant Joy
Feel like it's all going wrong? Learn how to live in abundant joy and overcome despair!
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Feel like it's all going wrong? Learn how to live in abundant joy and overcome despair!

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