How to keep kids safe online

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Are you like me with kids who have phones or tablets and are on the internet? We try to keep them safe online and we have had to learn how this year. Check out how we keep our kids safe online!

how to keep the kids safe onlineI’m always worried about where my kids are going on the internet. It’s gotten worse in the last year since they’ve gotten a phone. I found a way to block the sites I don’t want my kids to go to and I’m so relieved. I use a new product called Cujo from Best Buy. It’s a smart firewall that allows me to control where the kids go and when they go online. Check out how to keep kids safe online.

cujo sets limits on internet for kids

How to keep kids safe online

The first thing we did to keep the kids safer online was to have them give us their passwords. We pay the bill we should be allowed to see what they’re doing online at any time. Then we set limits on their internet usage. We did this with our favorite helper Cujo. 

After we received our Cujo from Best Buy we had to get it set up. The set up is super easy. It involves us downloading the Cujo app and taking Cujo out of the box. You can see the correct app below. 

how to keep your kids safe online

Once downloaded I was able to get my device set up. Then I needed to add my kids devices. I love that my Cujo gives me business level internet security and it’s blazing fast (1GB ethernet). It will provide me with anti-virus for all my devices. From laptops, printers, phones, tvs, baby monitors and so much more, Once connected to Cujo then you can control the settings with the app. It’s super easy and very user friendly. It’s a great way to feel protected in your own home. You’re going to need to grab one of these if you have kids and multiple devices. 

You know you’ve got it set up wrong if the eyes are closed like below. 

cujo smart firewall not working

Last night I heard the kids complain that they couldn’t get to xyz website. I was stoked to know they can’t get to the crap on the internet now. Yay! This is the best thing we’ve done for our family. If you see the eyes like the one below then you have it set up right and going. 

Wondering what all Cujo does in addition to virus scanning, super fast internet and it has:: 

Parental controls features:

                  – parental controls for all devices

                  – internet filter

                  – time limits

                  – social media monitoring

                  – pause internet

                  – alerts and reporting

                  – remote administration

                  – user profiles and settings

What else do you do to keep the kids safe online? Any helpful tips for us? Share them in a comment! Follow us and the fun we have on our facebook page and on pinterest


How to keep kids safe online
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How to keep kids safe online
Are you like me with multiple kids on multiple devices? See how to keep kids safe online here!
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Are you like me with multiple kids on multiple devices? See how to keep kids safe online here! #ad @Cujounited @bestbuy #CUjo

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