5 Ways to Help your Teen Succeed in High School

5 Ways to Help your Teen Succeed in High School

Times have changed; high school is not what it was back when we were growing up. Between society changes, rule changes and peer pressure in ways we never experienced it’s no wonder many parents are looking for ways to help their teen succeed in current day high school. If you are struggling with a teenager who needs a bit of guidance this year in navigating through high school then please continue reading these 5 ways to help your teen succeed in high school.

Be Aware of Requirements

There are many requirements in high school that teens may not come home and relay to parents. It’s important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the current high school requirements for both current year and graduation. You will want to know how grading works and what assignments they may have. While high school is a time to step back and give more responsibility to your teen, it’s important you are at least aware of the requirements to double check they are staying on track.

helping your teen to succeed in high school

Develop Organizational Skills

Teens will have many classes to juggle in high school; this means you will have to help them work on organizational skills. Work with your teen to develop a plan to get and stay organized throughout their high school career. Remember that your teen may not work well organizing in the same method you do. Accept how your teen organizes their high school work and encourage them to find an organizational method that works best for their success.

Attend Parent School Events

Many high schools have a back to school parents night before the start of each year, be certain to attend this event. It’s important that you are aware and make your presence known at all of the parent school events to ensure you know the requirements and your teen’s teachers have a face with the name. This will ensure you are able to be aware of the happenings at the high school and have better communication with the high school staff.

Have Open Communication

During the teen years your child will experience higher levels of stress, hormone changes and peer pressure. These are all normal parts of growing up and being a high school student. Refrain from turning every conversation into a life lesson, rather open your ears to hear what your teen is going through and be the shoulder for them to lean on. Allow your teen to work through problems or stress by talking it out with you. Being the parent that has an open communication policy within the house will truly inspire a teen to succeed in high school.

Be Firm About Routine

Lastly, your teen will have a switch with their sleeping pattern during the high school years. While your teen may think they can stay up all night or cram all night for a big test, doesn’t mean that’s a great idea. Learn to be firm about routines and set forth your expectations of school work times and sleep times. While you can’t force your teenager to go to sleep, you can make it less distracting for them by not allowing electronics in their bedroom and having consequences in place for not completely work in a timely fashion.

There you have it 5 ways to help your teen succeed in high school. These times will be difficult, but using these tips will truly help you to inspire your teen to succeed in high school.

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