How to save money on pets

Having pets is a lifelong commitment. It’s one that brings my family great job and pleasure. But they can be costly too. Here’s a few ways to save money on our favorite pets. 

how to save money on pets


How to save money on pets

 We just got a puppy. I must have lost my mind. I already have 3 kids, 1 cat and now 3 dogs. But I love this crazy life and I love my kids and my pets. Pets can be an expensive line item in your budget if you’re not careful. Here’s some ways I save money while having pets. 

  • One I buy their toys and bedding from yard sales. With the new puppy I was able to pick up a plush new bed, 11 toys and 3 new bowls for $19 at a yard sale. It was the best deal for my pets I’ve ever made. All the toys and the bedding was new too. She (new pupppy) plays with every one also. 
  • Get them on the same food and either use coupons or stock up when it’s on sale. We buy ours at TSC and they have a great natural food with no additives and fillers. It’s cheaper there then it is at our local big box store. 
  • I buy the flea treatment for the bigger dogs and if they’re not quite that weight I share it with the smaller dog. (I do not recommend this I’m just sharing what I do). I also have used the Sorresto collars and found them to be a great option too. I may earn a small amount as an Amazon affiliate if you choose to order there. 
  • Put them on a schedule and portion their food. My dogs eat twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night with water being offered all day. They eat a certain amount of food based on their weight. Our dog was overweight and suffered from hip dysplasia. But now that he’s lost the weight he doesn’t complain about his hips anymore. Being a healthy weight saves you money and vet bills. 
  • Bathe your dogs and groom them yourself. We give our pets their hair cuts and their baths. That’s about $85 every 6 weeks back in my pocket right there. 

saving money on pets

Here’s my puppy we just got. That is her on her new bed with all her new toys. She was loving every second of it! 

We love our pets and we try to keep them happy and our wallets happy too. What other money saving tips do you have for your pets? Before you go check out how I have made cat toys and dog toys in the past. Then see my other money saving tips for you. How to save $345 a year on beauty products and more. 

How to save money on pets
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How to save money on pets
Do you have pets and need to find a way to save money on them? I've got tips for how you can save money on your pets.
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