7 tips to ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep + a mattress giveaway

Restonic partnered with us to bring you these tips. This post is written by me and has my own opinions and experiences.

My kids went back to school this week. It’s been a transition for them as well as me. Sometimes in life you have to remember that a schedule is the best when it’s followed properly to ensure adequate sleep. Sleep is so important. Because of that I thought I’d share my 7 tips to ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep so they’re prepared for school.

7 Tips to Ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep

7 tips to ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep

Start their schedule the week before

When you have kids you know the week they start back to school is rough. However if you start the week before and get them into their routine so they go to bed on time and get up at the same time they need to for school. We have done this for years. It’s very helpful to go ahead and set them up the week before. This way they’re not as cranky and tired the week of school!

No electronics at night

We also do things like take away their electronics after dinner. This way they are keeping close connections with their family. Spending time with family is more relaxing then having them on their electronics. It also gives their brain a time to quiet down. 

Keep a set routine. 

We do this by having them do the same thing every night. Such as take a shower., hen brush your teeth and then we have story time. When they know what to expect the night time routine goes so much nicer. 

sleeping tips for little ones

Give them choices

Let your child have a say in what they wear to bed. Let them choose between 2 pajama sets to get them in the bed faster. This way they’re happy with what they are sleeping in. 

Allow your child to choose their pillow and blanket. Maybe do this ahead of time so we’re not doing it at the last minute. Then when it’s time to hit the hay they go on to their bed in the pj’s they picked out with their favorite blanket. 

Keep lights low

Always keep the lights low. When my kids were smaller we had dimmers on the lights. Then we moved them to nightlights and then to no lights at all. It’s all a process to get them sleeping well and without any problems. 

I always try to get them to do as much as they can the night before school. So if they can pack their lunch them let them pack it right after dinner and before bath. Then have them pick out their clothes for the next day as well. This way they can maybe sleep in a bit later when it’s time to rise for school. More sleep for kids is always good.

You may be wondering why a set bedtime and good rest is important for children.  I’ve got answers for you. What is the importance of sleep on children’s learning “Sleep directly affects a child’s cognitive development. The human brain is a work in progress through age 21. Children of all ages should be given every opportunity to reach their full potential with sufficient sleep.” Terry Cralle, RN, MS, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator from the Better Sleep Council

Better sleep is always better for the child and their mom and dad. We love them always but when they are well rested and not cranky everyone is happy. What sleep tips do you do with your kids? What could I add? Leave me a comment! . 

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7 tips to ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep
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7 tips to ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep
School is about to start and those kids need their sleep. Here's tips ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep.
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135 Replies to “7 tips to ensure your kids get a restful nights sleep + a mattress giveaway”

  1. Well, my niece & nephews come here after school because Mom & Dad are at work, so I try to have something for them to snack on, to brighten up their day, lol. After all, they’re bummed by going back to school. I try to help them relax and start on homework.

  2. Make bedtime 15 minutes earlier every night until you get to the desired bedtime for school nights.

  3. Start getting on a sleep schedule at least a week early, Plus start reviewing school subjects so you’re prepared for the new year

  4. Before buying any electronics items for your kids, check with the school to make sure you are getting what the school is going to require.

  5. I know it is so difficult to not get those few extra minutes of sleep, but honestly, the best thing to do is wake up just a few minutes earlier. Having the extra time is the key to making sure you get out the door with enough time so you aren’t rushing the kids and yelling. It makes the morning so much more stress free and smooth.

  6. I like to shop for my daughter’s BTS clothes at the outlet malls in Birch Run, MI. We get a ton of great deals.

  7. My tip is to prepare the night before. Get clothes out to wear, have backpack ready and in the car and if you pack lunches, have them ready as well. It really helps us

  8. As a new step father I am learning as I go. Apparently you shouldnt give them red bull at 9 pm. Who knew

  9. Plan ahead. Make grab and go snacks and lunches on Sunday that kids can pick from each day.

  10. Getting done with everything early/ahead of schedule. It alleviates so much anxiety. From school supplies to getting ready in the mornings.

  11. My tip is to find another student in the neighborhood with whom your kid can walk to school or ride on the bus.

  12. Keep a closet filled with school supplies that are purchased when they are on sale. It makes back to school and all school year easier.

  13. We like to get back into the school bedtime routine a week or two before school starts to make the adjustment easier.

  14. My best BTS tip is to set out a weeks worth of outfits on Sunday so there’s no worrying about what to wear for the entire week!

  15. My best back to school tip is to have the kids practice going to bed, getting up early, and practice getting ready like a normal school day, at least a coupe weeks in advance!

  16. I always coordinate our BTS shopping with tax free weekend. A lot of states have them and here I save 10% automatically by just avoiding sales tax!

  17. Get lots of sleep and get organized the night before not in the morning when you are running around trying to get everyone out the door on time

  18. My best tip is start conditioning the kids a week or two before school starts. Strict bedtimes!

  19. Take photos of outfit combos so that your kids know what to put together. You can even choose the outfits for each week on the weekend and stack them in a drawer – include everything needed.

  20. No phones, electronics at the dinner table or during homework time. It seems to keep our kids focused on their work and actually learning what they need to.

  21. School shop early in the summer to get things super cheap, use coupons and make sure you have tons of loose paper and pens to get through the year!

  22. Make arrangements to take your child to school, a week or two before school starts, to meet the teacher, get a layout of the class and the class schedule. It will help ease the child’s first day jitters.

  23. Best Tip….Remind them how strong they are and that they can accomplish everything they truly put their mind to try. The end result may not be as good as another or it may be much better. But as long as you did your very best you will have succeeded. Don’t let fear control your life.

  24. I don’t think your ever really prepared for back to school time. I had one kid in high school and one in elementary and each had a list a mile long.

  25. Start getting you kids to bed and up earlier a week before school starts. This will make the transition easier.

  26. Buy school supplies early on Amazon since it’s cheaper with more selection and get started early!

  27. Start making bedtimes earlier about 2 weeks before school starts. Helps them ease into back to school time

  28. I feel the best tip is to give our kids support. They need our support when entering a new school, or school year. Of course, they also need us all year long.

  29. I always make sure all the clothes, supplies, notes signed, lunch money, homework checked, etc….are all laid out for in the morning. It saves a a bunch of time trying to find all that stuff in the morning, and saves me a lot of trips to the school because someone forgot something !!

  30. Be sure to start adhering to an earlier bed time weeks before school starts. helps with grouchy kids in the early morning.

  31. I work on my kids schedules ahead of time so they aren’t so tired on the first day of school. Helps the transition.

  32. Spend a few minutes on Sunday to get some lunchbox items ready for the coming week. Setting them out in the pantry for each school day so they are ready to grab and pack each morning.

  33. It’s a great idea to get kids into their school routines early so that they are refreshed on their first day. I also like the idea of spending one day per week prepping breakfasts and lunches, so that during the week we can just grab and go.

  34. when it’s time to go back to school get prepared in advance so you can relax when the actual time comes.

  35. It sounds mundane, but a clean house helps my daily schedule, and therefore, my kids daily schedule. Just keep it picked up…

  36. white noise helps i know its weird but even a vacuum running in the background seems to help idk why?

  37. Try to pick their clothes out the day before, to help avoid rushing or being late, but make sure they help. That way they don’t argue and fight about what is picked out (ok, argue and fight less often).

  38. We start buying lots of healthy snacks for them for after school snacking. Their sleep and eating patterns get changed a bit.

  39. I always shopped throughout the summer for clearance deals so I wasn’t going crazy last minute school shopping

  40. Get all the shopping done early to beat the crowds and about a week before school starts stat getting everyone up early to get everyone in routine.

  41. Create a check list for your kids of things to do the night before a school day i.e. lay out clothes for the next day, pack your homework/books into their backpacks, etc.

  42. I try to get everything the night before. Backpacks packed by the door, clothes laid out by their bed etc

  43. Come in early on school nights, take their baths, eat, homework, help me get the clothes they want to wear the next day. and go to bed early.

  44. I recommend taking interesting electives. I always loved the science class the most of all subjects in school.

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