7 things your preschooler needs to take to preschool

Do you have a little one about to start preschool for the first time? Are you wondering what you need to take with you? I’ve got some answers based on what my kids needed. Check out these 7 things your preschooler needs to take to preschool. 

what your preschooler should take to preschool

The first thing I did was to get them a nap mat. They need it to be comfortable sleeping at preschool. I bought one like this one. Sometimes they have rules on how thick they can be. So make sure to check with them before you buy. I always got the thickest one.  You can purchase a nap mat here. I am an amazon affiliate so I might make a nickel if you choose to buy here. It goes to keep my site going.

nap mat for preschool

A lot of moms choose to purchase nap mat covers for these and I was one of those. I bought from someone at the preschool and it came with an attached blanket and pillow. It was really nice. However you can use a pillow case to cover most of the nap mat and they can bring a blanket from home. So make sure you grab them a pillow case and blanket for nap. 

A backpack to carry a change of clothes and diapers is very important. Make sure their name is on it. Include diaper rash cream or any other diapering related items that are needed.

A lunchbox to bring their favorite foods back and forth is important for the preschool set. I like to get the ones that have a cold pack in them. Then you can include a sweet note for your favorite preschooler. My preschool provided milk but you might want to include a juice box just in case.

If they’re potty training make sure to include a few changes of underwear. If they’re still in diapers then make sure they have extra diapers for those oops days. 

At nap time they usually are allowed to bring a favorite blanket, snuggie, stuffed animal, etc. Just something that they love on and snuggle to help them feel secure. Most teachers encourage this for nap time as it does help them rest.. 

When I went back for pick up I made sure to take a snack and a drink with me for them. They were always hungry and thirsty by the time it was time to go home. That’s the last item you need to make sure you carry with your preschooler to preschool.

Usually craft stuff, toys and snacks are all provided at preschool. So that’s all you need. Just let them show up and have a great first day. 

It’s such a fun time when your baby goes off to preschool and makes new friends. One of my sons is still best friends with a child he met there. It’s 12 years later and they still love to hang out and chat. If your baby is heading off to preschool this year I hope it’s a fantastic one for you and them. 

What did I forget? Anything else that should be taken with the preschooler to preschool for that first week? Let me know in a comment! Have a great year in school!

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7 things your preschooler needs to take to preschool
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7 things your preschooler needs to take to preschool
Do you have a new preschooler who's off to school? I've got the list of 7 things they must take to preschool!
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