6 Wonderful Ways You Can Help a Single Mom

6 wonderful ways you can help a single mom

6 Wonderful Ways You Can Help a Single Mom

I think I might have a soft spot for single moms. You see my mom raised us as a single mom. Single moms do all the jobs and yet I see the judgment and ridicule they often face and the one thing I’m certain of is; if they could do it differently, they would.

I doubt they planned it this way.

You could never truly understand the struggle a single parent faces unless you’ve been through it. They have to bear every burden and shoulder all the responsibility alone. They are trying to love their kids enough for two, while secretly praying nothing happens to them for the sake of their little one. It’s a stress and loneliness you can’t even begin to imagine. 

It’s true that even those with a strong support system, will still struggle.

If you’re looking for a way to give back in this world, start with single moms. Here are 6 wonderful ways you can help a single mom:

Take on kid duty: When you’re the only parent you are constantly on the move and rarely get any alone time, it’s exhausting! One of the most appreciated things you can do is offering to babysit for a bit. Carpool, play dates and trips to the park are wonderful ways to give back much needed peace and tranquility. All moms need time to rejuvenate; single moms need time to recoup.

mom to mom let's not judge other moms

Be a friend: Just talking to another person and having the opportunity to share their child’s milestones and life’s frustration can make a difference in the life of a single parent.  Just like you get excited about your little’s ones precious moments, so does she. Give her that chance by inviting her for coffee, shopping, lunch or dinner. Invite the kiddo too and I promise she’ll appreciate this more than you know!

Find her freebies: Especially helpful if she is the sole provider, lookout for free stuff in the area. Coupons and free activities for kids are great, while free household items from community groups and the web can be useful. She already has plenty to do, so go the extra mile to pick it up for her. The warmth and love that comes from another person thinking of you is the most precious gift of all. It’s kindness that makes the world go ‘round and kindness that keeps a solo mom going.

Give a gift: As a single parent you’re often pinching pennies. Consider giving a gift such as a grocery or gas gift card. And since she never buys for herself anymore a new outfit, sweater or pair of shoes will go a long way. Only give gifts if you have the extra money, she’d never want to be a burden and I promise your friendship is way more important to her.

Solve a big problem: The unexpected can not only break a budget but can chip away at her resolve. Yard work, household repairs, car maintenance and more can be overwhelming when they come up. Lack of extra cash, time and know-how can make it more difficult to get these things done. Even for the handy-mom it can be a challenge tackling the unexpected.

Be the backup plan: You can only leave work so many times to pick up your kid before they start to notice. Since stuff happens, every single mom could use a person to have on hand for backup. Kids will get sick, snow days happen, early dismissals and work emergencies. Let them know they can count on you and they’ll have a heavy weight lifted. It’s hard enough to juggle a routine alone, go outside the routine and it can quickly turn to chaos; help her avoid that.

I truly believe that we have a calling to give back to others and help those in need.

If you know a single mom struggling, extend a hand. You’ll find that not only does she need all the help she can get but you’ll witness an amazing strength and a genuine loyalty that comes from meeting someone where they are at.  It’ll change your life and hers.

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6 Wonderful Ways You Can Help a Single Mom
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6 Wonderful Ways You Can Help a Single Mom
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