5 Foods that will keep your teen full

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We’ve been having a problem at my house. You see I just can’t seem to get my son full. He can eat a lot of food and he always seems to be hungry. You add to that school just started back and he’s walking all over his high school campus. He’s just busier than ever. I just had to find ways to fill his empty leg up! I found 5 foods that will keep your teen full. 

what to feed teens to keep them full

5 foods that will keep your teen full

The first thing that comes to mind is hard boiled eggs. These are very low in calories and have lots of good protein in them. My teen eats these as a quick breakfast to get him out the door and on to the bus to start his day right. 

kool aid dyed easter eggs

He also loves to eat a well made salad. The key to filling these teens up is protein and fiber. We tend to make our salads on the weekend to take to work and school during the week. He is a huge fan of things that are hot. So this buffalo salad we had really hit the spot and filled him up. 

buffalo chicken salad recipe

Another food, to get the teens out the door and full, is cheese. You can purchase string cheese and they are individually wrapped. That should keep a growing child full until lunch time. It’s nice to find something that is really quick and easy on those days that you oversleep. 

Smoothies are a great way for my son to fuel his body and start his day off. He loves to add spinach, banana, berries, peanut butter and protein powder to his morning smoothie. Anything portable is always good for the teen set. 

His last delicious protein filled snack is these Nature Valley XL Protein bars. His favorite is the peanut butter and dark chocolate. Here’s where I found them at my favorite store Walmart. 

5 ways to fuel your teen to make them full

I stumbled upon them right beside the other Nature Valley bars. Did you know they’re fifty percent bigger then the other Nature Valley bars? When we found them I had a hard time choosing which bars to get. So I got them all. Great job mom! They’ve enjoyed all the flavors Nature Valley XL Protein has to offer. It’s a win in my book! Feeding them well and keeping them full are top on my priority list as a mom. 

I love that he can grab these and take them in his backpack to keep him satisfied all day at school. He’s a growing teen and he needs good fuel to keep his body fed during the day. 

how to feed your teens to keep them full

They come in many flavors. Check out the flavors they have to offer. 

What a delicious way to fill our teen up and make sure he’s getting the protein a growing boy needs. What other foods can you think of that will fill up our growing teens that seem to have those hollow legs? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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5 Foods that will keep your teen full
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5 Foods that will keep your teen full
do you have a teen that is eating all the time. I've got the 5 foods that will keep your teen full!
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do you have a teen that is eating all the time. I've got the 5 foods that will keep your teen full!

24 Replies to “5 Foods that will keep your teen full”

  1. Having on hand at home and in packs quick and healthy food is important. Bars look good will have read content

  2. I have a 14 year old son that never seems to stay full all day at school. The Nature Valley bars look like something he’d absolutely love!

  3. So important not to just keep kids from feeling full but also to make sure they are eating healthy. Nice suggestions in your post!

  4. Good for you! These looks like healthy options. When I was a hungry teen I lived on bagel bites and pizza rolls. LOL I wish I were joking.

  5. It’s so hard keeping growing boys full and happy, isn’t it? My brother is hard to keep full, it seems like they’re always hungry! These are great tips – eggs always do the trick!

  6. I do enjoy natural valley snack bars and they do help to keep me full. The salad looks delicious and definitely would keep anyone full for a bit

  7. oh thank you! my oldest is about to turn 14 in less than 2 weeks and that boy is always hungry. This will be so helpful!

  8. I guess our problems as moms change as our kids grow older. My first child is still 6 and I’m going crazy on feeding her. Those bars look delicious!

  9. This looks tasty. I will have to get some for my son. I am always looking for new snacks to have in the house.

  10. Great foods list. The salad looks yummy as well as that protein bar. Protein bars are a must in my house. Would be perfect to take with me to the gym as a post-workout snack.

  11. I definitely know that I have used a couple of these foods personally to help myself feel full. I am sure that this would do it as well. Eggs and granola bars do help.

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