Strawberry Shortcake Christmas in July

There’s something about the holidays that makes us nostalgic for our childhoods—the excitement and anticipation we felt as the holidays approached, our early morning wake-ups, and our wide-eyed wonder. Classic Strawberry Shortcake is part of that nostalgia, too…so it’s a perfect match to celebrate Christmas (in July!) with an adorable pair of classic Strawberry ornaments and a sweet vintage t-shirt.

The 3.5-inch blow-mold ornaments will bring sweetness and fun to any Christmas tree—and the sparkles in her eyes will brighten the season for the entire family.

Available for the holiday season at:

11 Replies to “Strawberry Shortcake Christmas in July”

  1. This would be fun to get now, we love everything Strawberry Shortcake – and as a crafter, I’m way into Christmas in July!!

  2. oh my goodness this brings back so many memories! I feel that I now need a vintage tee like that; it’s so cute and fun!

  3. Wow, years ago my sisters were into this and things like The Smurfs. Seems all has come back again a lot more.

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