Fun organizing ideas for the office

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Remember how I told you guys how to sand and paint furniture to be left outside in this post. I decided I wanted this inside though after all that.  I went searching my house for something to organize my craft supplies. I could never find what I needed and desperately needed a new way to organize them so I could do more craft projects. I am at a point in my life where I don’t want to buy store bought shelving to store my items. I had this crazy bench that looked terrible in my attic. I was like I can totally make this work as a storage place for my crafting items. So, with my daughters help, I did. We sanded it down and then wiped it down and painted it. It was fun and I love repurposing an old item for a new purpose. What do you think about how it turned out? I just ran to my local box store and grabbed some items to hold my craft supplies and Voila! 

There’s other ways to organize your office too. I have a few of my own idea and then I grabbed some cute ones from my friend’s blogs for you to check out as well. 

tips to organize your office


Other ways you can organize your items needed in your office is to take boxes and cut the bottom off of it. Then wrap it in your favorite paper and voila you have pen storage. Or eraser storage, or or or…whatever you need storage! I think this was a wheat thins box. You don’t have to buy items to have storage! 

organizing your office drawers


Hop over to my friend Amee’s site to see how she gets her desk organized.

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See how my friend Greta organizes her paperwork!

My friend Stefanie organizes with folders. 

Heidi has this great post on 5 easy tips to get you organized!

Do you have any tips on organizing your office? What do you do to keep your desk, office and life organized? 

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Fun organizing ideas for the office
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Fun organizing ideas for the office
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Are you in need of tips to get your desk and office organized? I've got fun organizing tips for the office here.

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