11 essentials to keep in your on the go bag for busy sports and pool days

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Are you a busy mom who is constantly on the go? I’ve got days where it seems I’m not even home. On those busy days I know I need to make sure my on the go bag is packed with the items we will need for either pool or sports days. Today is one of those days. We’re headed to the lake and we have to bring food to eat and drinks that will keep us hydrated. That’s where BodyArmor comes in. 


essentials to keep in your sports bag

BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink with potassium-packed electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins – and has no artificial flavors or sweeteners. It’s delicious and tastes way better than other so called sports drinks. We love them. Kroger in my area is having them on sale this week for 10/10. Grab a coupon here for even more Kroger and BODYARMOR savings! I plan on stocking up. If you’ve not ever had these and you do not care for sports drinks I’d love to encourage you to give them a try. All 3 kids love BODYARMOR and this mom loves that it has no artificial sweeteners or flavors. They are simply delicious and refreshing for those hot days. 

  •  First in my bag for sports and pool days is BODYARMOR drinks to keep us hydrated. 
  • Snacks to keep on hand and hunger at bay. Like peanut butter crackers, string cheese or celery and carrot sticks.
  • Sunscreen so we don’t burn while we’re swimming or playing basketball outside.
  • Bandaids in case of scrapes and emergency needs. 
  • Bug spray like Skin So Soft (something less chemically then bug spray but works to keep the bugs away).
  • Book to read for mom and siblings while we wait. 
  • Hats to keep the sun rays off of us.
  • Sunglasses to protect our eyes (I’m always wearing sunglasses as my eyes need all the protection they can get).
  • Towels to wipe off the sweat or dry off. 
  • Change of clothes in case we’re wet! 
  • Goggles for the pool or lake.

Sometimes we need BODYARMOR just for hanging out at home shooting hoops. 

essentials for your pool bag

Somedays are just meant to be home and playing one on one or Horse. 

essentials for your on the go bag or sports and pool bag

It’s nice to have a drink I can rely on that doesn’t have chemicals and sweeteners in it to keep him hydrated on our busy summer days. 

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Why do I love BODYARMOR?  I feel that it is a premium sports drink with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. I love that is doesn’t have all the crap in it. I feel it is a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks. I believe that BODYARMOR provides your body with Superior Hydration and my family and I need that. It contains potassium-packed electrolytes. I love that it has coconut water, vitamins and that it’s high in potassium and low in sodium. These are all things that matter to me as a mom. 

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11 essentials to keep in your on the go bag
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11 essentials to keep in your on the go bag
are you a busy mom who's always on the go? I've got the 11 essentials you need to keep in your bag!
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are you a busy mom who's always on the go? I've got the 11 essentials you need to keep in your bag! #AD @drinkbodyarmor

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  1. Thank you for the giveaway. I love Kroger Mega deals! They always have a great deal going. I also look for managers specials and clearance items. Kroger is my go-to store for a majority of my food products.

  2. I have not been there before but one just popped up near me! I’d like to see what unique things they have to offer! I am on a sparkling water kick right now and would like to see how theirs tastes.

  3. Their brand of ice cream, I am really impressed with flavors and never had issues with it being to hard to dish out.

  4. I like to pick up their veggies and fruit — much better selection that the other store in the neighborhood.

  5. Fresh Meats and fresh fish – we have a great Kroger to shop and we always find great deals to bring home for meals.

  6. I like their produce and meat. They are also one of only two stores that sell Boars Head products in my area.

  7. I really like to buy the kroger branded chips there cause they’re very good and reasonable price. I buy the kroger brand pop too if I buy pop.

  8. These drinks look and sound great- I love that it doesn’t have all of the junk in them either. I might try these over some of the other sport drinks that I buy from Kroger. Lately I have been loving the fresh produce. So perfect for grilling!

  9. Our most frequent Kroger purchases are bread and milk and we also check out their great sales. Thanks

  10. We like to buy the 3 pack quarter chicken legs that are already seasoned can’t beat $3.00 a pack

  11. Our local Kroger (Fry’s) has a great deli & produce departments, and we love buying items in them !

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