To keep the minivan or get a hybrid?

toyota prius review

Should I swap out my van for a hybrid?

Lately I’ve been kind of over my van. I mean it’s 16 years old and we’ve had a good run. My kids are getting older and I am trying to decide what my next car might be. When Toyota offered to let me try the Prius 3 out for a week I happily agreed! I love the fact that it’s a hybrid. I love that it saves me money and I love that it gets me around town and saves me so much money. Over a five year time period it is estimated to save you $3500. It gets 52 mph combined on city and highway. It gets 50 mph on the highway and 54 in the city. If you use 1.9 gallon of gas that gets you approximately 100 miles. That’s a lot more miles then my van gets. I get about 24 mpg with my van.  That’s a lot of gas savings When I had it I drove it everywhere I needed to go and barely used a quarter of a tank of gas. It was fabulous. Let’s look at some fun pictures of my Toyota Prius 3 review for the week. 

toyota prius 3 review

It was a beautiful piece of auto work! I loved the color. What do you think? My kids loved going places in it. We drove it to Cars 3 and felt like we were in a race car on the way home. The interior is like a cockpit I swear.  Check it out below! 

toyota prius 3 review

The seats are sporty as is the dash. I loved that at night it put the speed you were travelling right in front of your line of vision. Then if the speed limit changed it put that up too. It was so cool and new! New technology is always amazing to me. 

I loved how aerodynamic it was. Check out the front of the car below! 

toyota prius review for the 3


How does the Prius score on crashes?

Out of 5 stars it gets 5 across the board on it’s overall crash score. Here’s the crash breakdown. 

For a frontal crash it got 4 stars for driver and passenger.

For side crash it got 5 out of 5 stars for front seat and rear seat. 

For rollover it received 4 out of 5 stars.

It receives really good ratings on it’s crash ratings. I was surprised and impressed. 

What comes standard with the Toyota Prius 3?

This Toyota Prius 3 came standard:

  1. hybrid synergy drive system
  2. 15′ alloy wheels 
  3. Electric power steering
  4. rear spoiler
  5. intermittent rear wipers
  6. auto on/off headlights which are LED’s
  7. smartflow climate control system
  8. 7″premium hi res display for navi and stereo
  9. 3 door smart key system and push button start
  10. power locks and auto up down windows
  11. center armrest with storage
  12. lightweight cargo area with cargo cover
  13. 2 12v power outlets
  14. temporary spare tire 

I forgot to show you! We went to grab groceries for the week and of course we took the prius. Let’s look at that picture of the trunk area. 

toyota prius 3 storage

It held all our groceries for the week. What did we decide. I decided I would love to have a Prius when the time is right. It works and held my 2 kids in the back just fine. My oldest this week didn’t go anywhere with us. He’s 20 so he’s got his own stuff going on. I would love and get one in a second and it’s now on my list to get when I’m ready to trade the van in! What did the Prius have that you would like in your next car? 

To keep the minivan or get a hybrid?
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To keep the minivan or get a hybrid?
Should I trade my mini van in and get a hybrid? Let's see what I decided to do after my toyota prius 3 review.
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Should I trade my mini van in and get a hybrid? Let's see what I decided to do after my toyota prius 3 review.

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