Noddy Toyland Detective is a fun app for the preschool set

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noddy toyland detective app review

Are your kids a fan of the Noddy Toyland Detective show by Dreamworks? It airs on Sprout and is now streaming on Netflix. Our girl is a superfan! She was excited to get the game and play it. If you’ve not heard of Noddy Toyland Detective here’s a bit about it. 

noddy detective let's investigate review for preschool games

About Noddy Toyland Detective – Let’s Investigate

Kuato has teamed up with Dreamworks Animation to recreate Noddy Toyland Detective based on the popular TV series. Join Noddy as Toyland’s most famous detective in an adventure filled with storytelling, learning and creative fun! Play as Noddy with the help of his friends Bump Dog and Revs the car. Come and see your favorite Toyland characters from New DreamWorks Animation TV show and then play many fun mini-games and activities. Become a Toyland Detective and use the ‘Who, What, Where Book’ to solve mysteries. Once you’ve solved all the clues, trace back your findings by reading the story of your adventures in a narrative photo storybook.

What I think parents should know about the Noddy Toyland Detective: Let’s Investigate app!

Did you know that this app contains no advertising and has no in-app purchases that little fingers can accidentally press and buy things with. 

That each time your child solves a mystery in Noddy Toyland Detective it generates a storybook from their play session for you to read together. Like the picture below. 

storybook detective with noddy

You might be interested to know that this app also features a passcode-protected ‘Grown Ups Corner,’ where you can:
• Choose the length of time your child plays the game (no arguments. Time’s up).
• Receive email notifications when your child has created a new case for you to read together
• Get help and advice about playing the game with your child

What does the Noddy Toyland Detective app help your child learn?

  • They learn language and sentence structure skills.
  • They learn creativity through play.
  • The player-generated stories are an excellent resource for parents to develop their children’s language skills to support preschool and school activities.

noddy detective game for iphone and android

Isn’t she the cutest? She had a great time playing Noddy Detective. 

why our 3 year old loves noddy detective game for iphone and android

Here’s a few pictures of the game playing!

noddy toyland detective

I love the bright, vivid colors and the fun she has when driving the car to find the Who, What and Where!

The pandas were our first clue. They were our who. 

Has your child played an educational preschool app like Noddy? What is your favorite thing about Noddy Toyland Detective? Is it the storybook, reading together, or just having fun watching them play the game?

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  • Download the Noddy Toyland Detective app to try out

   iTunes:   $2.99

  Google Play: $2.49

If you downloaded it let me know what you loved about it. 

Now don’t wait and enter to win a $25 iTunes gift card so you can download Noddy Toyland Detective! 

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Noddy Toyland Detective is a fun app for the preschool set
Article Name
Noddy Toyland Detective is a fun app for the preschool set
Looking for a fun and educational app for the preschool set? Check out the Noddy Toyland Detective app and see why!
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My UnEntitled Life
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Looking for a fun and educational app for the preschool set? Check out the Noddy Toyland Detective app and see why!

80 Replies to “Noddy Toyland Detective is a fun app for the preschool set”

  1. I really love how they get to drive the car…and will really make them think to find the clues and solve it!

  2. I love that it has bright colors and is easy for kids to use. I love the car aspect of the game.

  3. I love that this helps kids think beyond the box to solve mysteries. It is a great way to develop minds for extended thinking.

  4. My favorite thing about the app is that it is available in French. We are trying to raise my daughter to be bilingual but that is very tough and having fun games is super helpful!

  5. That helps with sentence structure skills. This was one of the hardest things for me when I was little.

  6. My son is just starting to read and loves stories, so this seems like a great tool to help him on his journey.

  7. This is such an awesome app. I love that they learn creativity through play. This is great because it makes them want to use the app more!

  8. I like the in app timer so I don’t have to worry about how long they’re playing. When times up times up.

  9. The entire concept of the app because it is educational and I think it makes reading fun. You can interact and play along with your child, read together, and they can learn language skills in the process which is great.

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