How to Make Snack Time Healthy for Kids + $50 Amazon Giveaway 7/14 US

If you’re a parent then you know the struggle of making sure the kids get a healthy snack. I think it’s even harder to do in the summer when they’re home all day. Check out what we’ve decided to do to make snack time healthy for kids! Thanks to vivaNUTRITION for sponsoring this post! 

How to Make Snack Time Healthy for Kids

ways to get the kids to snack healthy


Cut out the sugary drinks. We’ve been sticking with water and milk and not buying soda this summer. It’s working great and the kids are healthier with the water. 

Introduce more fruits and vegetables and less chips and crackers. We keep a bowl of apples and a huge bag of washed grapes. This way when they’re hungry they grab for fruit because it’s ready to go. 

Add salads as a delicious snack if they’re wanting to munch too much during the day. You can add hard boiled eggs and even some yummy deli meats. We eat a lot more salads during the summer because it’s a cold meal or snack that is also delicious. 

Make sure they eat plenty of protein. We do this by having hard boiled eggs, string cheese and milk available to them all day. These are great ways to keep tummies full longer too. 

We also add in some yummy super fiber bars from vivaNUTRITION. Here’s a few reasons why we love them.

  • The vivaNUTRITION Super Fiber Chia Bars are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain both chia and oats
  • Chia seeds contain omega-3 fats that have various health benefits for children’s behavioral, attentional and emotional health.
  • Chia seeds pack a bunch of energy that can help in a child’s daily activities
  •  Oats contain a high amount of fiber as well as nutrients.
  •  Oats help provide energy throughout the day, giving children the energy they need both for studies and play activities.
  • The fiber in oats helps with digestion and the easy movement of food through the digestive system and helps prevent complications including constipation.

super fiber chia bars giveaway $50 amazon


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How to Make Snack Time Healthy for Kids
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How to Make Snack Time Healthy for Kids
are you wondering what to feed those kids for snack that is healthy? I've got the answers here for you in a handy list!
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My UnEntitled Life
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are you wondering what to feed those kids for snack that is healthy? I've got the answers here for you in a handy list!

132 Replies to “How to Make Snack Time Healthy for Kids + $50 Amazon Giveaway 7/14 US”

  1. I keep lots of fresh fruits for my kids to snack on. We’d love to try the blueberry and carrot flavor.

  2. I try to make sure to have healthy foods in snack bags easy for them to grab so they eat healthy and I would love to try the blueberry and carrot flavor.

  3. I have healthy snacks around the house mostly, so that is what they mostly snack on, and I lead by example; I want to try the raspberry

  4. We snack on apples, celery sticks, carrots and fruit snacks. I’m excited to try the blueberry and carrot flavor the most.

  5. Strawberry Salsa & Baked Cinnamon Chips are the perfect way to get kids snacking on fresh fruit! And it’s one they will request over and over again.

  6. I serve my family a lot of fresh fruit in the summer for snacks. They love grapes, strawberries and watermelon. I would love to try the blueberry and carrot flavor the most!

  7. I always keep a huge supply of cut of fruits and veggies, so they are easier to get to and eat. We are excited to try the raspberry!

  8. I try to have healthy snacks like apple slices, grapes, strawberries, etc in containers and in a cooler for on the go to keep my grandsons snacking healthy. I’d like to try the blueberry flavor first!

  9. I keep homemade fruit popsicles, fruit snacks, cheese and crackers and cut up veggies ready for snacking over the summer. I’m most excited to try the raspberry flavored chia bars.

  10. We actually make a garden, and they get excited eating what they grow.. not to mention, I don’t do sugary things, drinks, foods, etc.. I love that we stay active together 💜 blueberry and carro please.

  11. I keep more healthier snacks on hand and not so much of the unhealthier snacks. I would love to try the raspberry flavor.

  12. I always have lots of fruits and veggies on hand, as well as nuts and yogurt for easy snacking.

  13. I’d love to try the blueberry ones! To keep the kids eating healthier, I try to involve them in shopping and let them pick out the kinds of fruit, nuts, etc that they want to eat.

  14. My son loves fruit. Right now he’s been mostly eating watermelon and blueberries. I think he’d love the Blueberry/Carrot flavor of Superfiber Chia Bars.

  15. I keep lots of fresh fruit and veggies ready to grab in the fridge. I like the rasberry. Thank you

  16. I make fruit salads for us and for our night snacks we’ve been having fruit drinks & popcorn! I’d probably want to try the Blueberry first!

  17. Definitely BLUEBERRY!!! I give my kids “Ants on a Log” .. Celery, Peanut Butter and raisins..

  18. I am really excited to try the blueberry and carrot flavor. Sounds like a great combo!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  19. I make sure that I keep only healthy snacks at home and readily available to the kids. I also set a good example and eat healthy. I’d love to try the raspberry flavor.

  20. We go to farmers markets usually several times a week during the summer and my daughter gets to pick out fruit especially for her for snacks. This really helps to keep her engaged in picking healthy foods and getting excited about healthy foods. I would love to try the blueberry and carrot flavor chia bar!

  21. We want to try blueberry flavor, and i encourage a lot of cold fruit in the Summer. Blend fruit and make smoothies and frozen fruit bars.

  22. I like to keep yogurt, apples, and almonds or pumpkin seeds on hand. The blueberry chia bars sound especially nice.

  23. I most want to try that blueberry and carrot combo. I keep a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter – bananas, apples, oranges, etc. plus other fresh fruit like grapes and berries in the fridge. I also have baby carrots, tortilla chips and salsa, and celery ready to eat alone or with peanut butter.

  24. I always buy lots of fruit in the summer. I would want to try the blueberry and carrot flavor first.

  25. The kids snack on fruits, we live watermelon and bananas. They also like cheese sticks and granola bars. I would like to try the blueberry and carrot bars.

  26. I’ve got to be honest my kids eat pretty healthy and i think it started with us giving them apples and fruits when they were small they love them !

  27. We do a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable popsicles, homemade of course! I think the carrot flavor sounds awesome!

  28. I’d like to keep the snacking healthy to keep them energized and going! I’d like to try the Raspberry!

  29. I try to keep healthy snacks and fruits available to them. I want to try the Raspberry flavor.

    1. oh….and we like to eat lots of fresh summer fruit like strawberries, apricots, plums and peaches.

  30. I like to make fruit salad and keep it in the fridge for the kids to snack on. I would like to try the blueberry & carrot flavor.

  31. I always have fruit in the house to snack on. I try to display it on the counter so they will want to eat it. I really want to try the blueberry carrot flavor.

  32. For snacks I give my children nuts like almonds and pecans, they love them! I would like to try the raspberry ones!

  33. I struggle to eat healthy snacks and therefore so do my kids. Apple slices are the best that we do. :

  34. My daughter loves fruit, so we get all different fruits on sale. Right now she is loving fresh peaches. Also, I give her raisins, string cheese & pretzel sticks:) I would love to try the blueberry carrot chia bars!

  35. Lots of fruits are always good. We like apples and oranges. I think that some peanuts or cashews can be really good too. Carrots and Peanut butter. That’s a yes in our house.

  36. Water is the only thing we drink. I would be interested in the blueberries and carrot flavor because it promotes brain power and help with the immune system and vision.

  37. I give a vote to all the folks that mention fresh fruit. Especially grapes and berries! I’m most excited about the blueberry chia bars. YUM!

  38. I make oatmeal chia and flax seed cookies for snacks along with fresh veggies and fruit.
    The raspberry one sounds good.

  39. My almost three year old snacks on berries (blackerries, blueberries, strawberries, etc) and yogurt, sometimes both together. She also enjoys cheese sticks and graham crackers.

  40. my kids would like the blueberry and carrot. i dont need to do anything special to get my kids to eat healthy, they love fruits and veggies.

  41. These look and sound great and full of nutrition. I would love to try the flavor raspberry and redbeet. I keep the little’s eating healthy snacks by having prepared and ready to go healthy foods such as prepped fruit , salad, trail mix and granola bars. Also, we keep smoothie packs in the fridge so anytime they want one they pop the contents out of the Ziploc bag, add juice or water and blend!

  42. I keep nutritious snacks around the house and take them on trips. im excited to try blueberry & carrot

  43. I think the blueberry and carrot flavor would be great and one of my daughters sure needs more fiber in her diet. Glad to have learned about these.

  44. I’m excited about blueberry and carrot! We have the raspberry beet. I try to keep lots of fruit cut and ready to eat in baggies for quick and easy snacking.

  45. We try to make sure that whatever is available at home for snacking is nutritionally good rather than just junk filling of the stomach. I would try the raspberry bars first.

  46. I keep things like fruit, vegetables , cheese and lean meats in the fridge already cut in bite size servings and pieces. Easy to grab and go!
    The raspberry flavor sounds amazing!

  47. I try to keep plenty of fresh fruit, yogurt, and cereal in the house for snacks. The Raspberry Beets sound good.

  48. Keep a lot of fresh fruits around and always keep them busy. There’s less snacking when the kids are outside and running around rather than sitting on the couch watching tv.

  49. I keep lots a fresh fruit and natural fruit popsicles on hand. I think our favorite would be raspberry.

  50. I’d love to try out these fiber bars. We seem to need good fiber around this house anyway so if I ever find yummy tasting bars I buy them. I’ve heard so many great things about blueberries & I luv them already so that’s the ones I’d buy if I ever found them.

  51. I try to keep a lot of healthy snacks on hand, my son loves apples! I would like to try the raspberry and red beet.

  52. I try to keep them eating fresh fruits and veggies, items like apples, peaches, grapes, and carrot sticks. I’m looking forward to trying the blueberry and carrot flavor bars.

  53. It is really easy to keep my son eating healthy during the summer months. He loves fruit and raw vegetables, so much easier to find and afford during the summer months.

  54. I don’t have children so I can’t answer that, but I am most excited to try the blueberry one.

  55. We keep fruit and granola bars on hand for the kids. And I would like to try blueberry.

  56. I keep little containers of healthy snacks in the fridge and pantry for easy grab and go options and for plenty of variety to keep things interesting. I would love to try the Raspberry and Red Beet flavor.

  57. My daughter would probably like the blueberry and carrot the best. We keep a lot of fresh fruit arouns in the summer. We also keep a lot of natural snacks without added junk.

  58. I keep a lot of yogurt and string cheese on hand for healthy snacking. I think my kids would like the blueberry and carrot flavor.

  59. We don’t buy junk and always have fresh fruit and cut veggies in little containers available so the kids can just grab them and not worry about preparation. I would love to try yummy raspberry!

  60. With younger siblings, I am always making extra food whenever I cook. I try to eat healthy myself so that they follow along and also will snack on whatever I am having— smoothies, frozen fruit, healthy bars like these… Would love to try blueberry!

  61. I keep high protein snacks on hand at all times, so the kids don’t die of hunger! I would like the blueberry flavor.

  62. We keep a lot of fresh fruits, yogurts and granola bars in the house.

    I’d like to try the blueberry/carrot flavor the most.

  63. I keep fresh fruit and veggies on hand for snacking. I think the blueberry and carrot flavor sound great.

  64. I give my daughter lots of fruit for snacks to stay healthy. I would love to try the blueberry flavor first!

  65. We try to keep more healthy than nonhealthy snacks in the house so less unhealthy ones to choose from. I want to try the blueberry.

  66. I like to have fresh fruit all cut up in bowls so its easy for them to get during summer. I want to try the blueberry ones.

  67. We’d love to try the raspberry flavor. I always try to keep fresh fruits in the fridge prepared for easy snacking.

  68. I am working to have fruits and veggies already cut and prepped, for easy and quick snacks. I think my children might like blueberry flavor best!

  69. I always keep plenty of cut up carrots, celery, watermelon and strawberries in the fridge where it is easy for them to reach. I am most excited to try the Raspberry.

  70. I keep lots of fruit and veggies on hand for the kids to snack on The raspberry flavor sounds great.

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