How to make a fairy garden

Have you been wanting to make a fairy garden for your yard or porch?

My daughter and I were looking for something fun to do this weekend. So we decided to make a fairy garden for our porch. We actually ended up with three and I can see us adding to this as the years go by. It was so fun and so easy. So here’s how to make a fairy garden.

how to make a fairy garden for your front porch or back deck

What you need to make your fairy garden!

Potting soil

fairy garden accessories 



How to build your fairy garden

First thing you do is grab your pot and fill it with potting soil. Then break up the clumps and even it out. After that you just add your fairy garden accessories. I got my fairy garden items at a big box store. However you can also order fairy garden accessories here at a great price. If you choose to order from my links I do get a small amount to keep my site going and it costs you nothing. They have so many choices now to choose from. You can have a cute little fairy garden in no time. 

You see two of our gardens above. Her and I did one more. You can see it below. 

make a fairy garden

I would love to add some more mushrooms and some actual fairies. My girl and I will be on the lookout for those for sure. What about your family? Would you like to make a fairy garden? Does the garden soothe your soul like it does mine? I have a table inside with about 8 plants on them too. Plants are so good for you. They filter the air you breathe and to me that’s a great thing. It’s a win in my book to keep plants in your house as well as outside. We just love to look on our porch at all of our plants. Then we walk over to our vegetable garden and grab a tomato and head back inside for lunch. Join us and create your own fairy garden too. If I had a toddler I know they would love to play in this! 

How to make a fairy garden
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How to make a fairy garden
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