How to Build your blog and your brand in under an hour with GoCentral Website Builder

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How to Start a Blog in Under an Hour with Go Central Website Builder

building your blog and your brand

Have you thought about building a blog? Are you worried it’s too difficult to do?  I’ve got an easy answer to get your blog, website, or ecommerce website up in no time! With my current blog I’ve been thinking about going in a different direction. So I decided to play around on this website builder to see what I can build.  I set my new one up in about 45 minutes with very little trouble. It was so easy. 

how to build your blog in under an hour

Here’s the steps to set up your site! 

  • Go to Go Central Website and click start for free.
  • Click create account and add your email, password, and 4 digit code 
  • Describe what your site is and give it a name
  • Choose your colors, fonts, and pick a theme
  • Add email, phone, hours to your site
  • you can make your own header logo and upload it or use one of theirs
  • Add sections such as videos, crafts, items for sale
  • Add an about us section, social icons or calendar
  • Add subscribe button
  • Add a footer
  • Add more pages (Work with me, My content, My blog, My recipes, My items for sale,  my videos)
  • When you’re done creating you can save it or click publish so your website is live! 

My Review of Go Central Website Development

Wondering if it worked and what to do? It worked fabulously. What are you waiting on go to the GoCentral website and start designing it. Using Go Central’s site tools to build your blog with a month long free trial is such a great way to get your site you’ve always wanted to do up and going. Then you can work on it and feel confident with your blog going live at the end of 30 days or whenever you feel it’s finished. Mine went live on day 2. This is a great way to feel no rush to get your site up. Don’t forget to click to get a 1 month free trial of Go Central Website Builder. This is a great trial!  Take advantage of it now because it does expire on 8/11/2017.  

**The Free Trial is an opportunity for you to use a GoDaddy Product free of charge for one (1) month, beginning on the date that you accept the Free Trial offer.  The Free Trial will expire one (1) month from the date you accept the Free Trial offer, regardless of whether or not you use the Product during the Free Trial period. No credit card is necessary. The free trial is now available in all markets we sell the product.**go daddy website builder review

I have used GoDaddy since I created my first site over 15 years ago. I can’t believe I’ve been working on the internet for that long. I buy and park my domains there and use it for email, hosting, etc. That says something. 

Here’s where I was first playing with the site. It was super easy to play around with.  This is my right out of the gate work. 

beginning to build my site with go central website builder

Then I switched it up to this. I decided I wanted to brand myself. This way I can use it as a blog, an e-commerce or a website. It’s my choice the direction I take my site in. 

build your blog in an hour


I love how it turned out above. This is my go to site for right now.  It was so easy to add buttons, insert forms to collect data (hello email list) , add your social media and more. It was as easy as filling in a blank! There was no need to learn html or code! Nice!

It even makes it simple to do your SEO (search engine optimization)for your site. Google ads were just as easy to do too. 

seo settings for go central website builder

Did I mention that you can create an ecommerce store, a blog, a website or whatever your heart desires. Have you been wanting to sell vintage clothing? Do you create great crafts that others yearn for? What’s stopping you?  You can create it on a desktop pc or on a mobile device. I didn’t even know that was possible. How cool is that? You can set it up from your phone if that’s what you desire! 

go central website

I started it one day and played around with it for about 20 minutes. Then the next day I got back on and worked on it about 25 minutes more. Then it was easy to upload my logo, change the theme and my site looks so professional.  The uses for this website builder are unlimited. You can post your resume on here and send people to your portfolio. You can create a recipe site or build a store to sell handmade items. When you do this you can be up and running in under an hour. You have great access to support, hosting and even professional email with you site name! So what’s stopping you from building your blog or your site now? Get started and let me see your results! Have you used Go Central Website Builder? What did you think?

This is a finished product of what one of my pages looks like on my blog! I love it! What do you think?

review of gocentral website hosting




How to build a blog in under an hour.
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How to build a blog in under an hour.
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are you needing an easy way to get your site or blog up and going in an hour? Here's how. AD #GoCentral

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  1. I had a chance to try GoCentral recently and I was blown away by how easy it was to not only get starts but to get signed up. No credit card needed is rare!

  2. That sounds super easy! I am “challenged” when it comes to the back-end of my site, but it sounds like I can handle this 🙂

  3. What a gerat tutorial. This would have saved me a lot of time and money a few years ago when I started my blog! Thanks for the info!

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  7. I love GoDaddy! They have been around so long and are so reputable. Thanks for sharing this with us. I look forward to reading more about blogging from you!

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  14. Thank you for letting me know about Go Daddy’s GoCentral website builder. I used to spend days, even weeks, setting up a new blog. Now everything is easier and I can have my site up and working in an hour! Awesome!

  15. Totally awesome that there’s a feature like this from GoDaddy! This is going to help a lot of people build their own websites without having to go through the trouble of understanding codes.

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  32. Thank you for sharing all this information on starting up your own Blog. It doesn’t sound to hard to do, but I am unable to do this at this time. My Husband has Parkinsons Disease and I have to keep myself available to him at all times.. I will however let my Granddaughters know about this. Post…..

  33. WOW i thought it would be much much harder than this i will really look into it I’ve been thinking about asking people to get me started but this looks like something i could do myself

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