Coke Float Recipe a fun summer drink!

Are you looking for a fun drink to break up the boredom of summer with your kids? Why not introduce them to a coke float?

coke float recipe

Coke floats are a fun addition to any day! They’re so easy to make and delicious to drink! These remind me of growing up as a child and being at my grandmother’s house. She would always let us have these on hot summer nights. I want to do the same for my grandkids (whenever they come and believe me I’m in no hurry!). I made these up with the kids help the other night. Check them out and make them for yourself. Then yum my post for me! ;P

coke float ingredients for recipe

Coke Float Ingredients:
whipped cream (in a can is best)
vanilla ice cream
fun glasses

coke float in process

And the Coke Float recipe!

I just add ice cream to mug and pour coke over it. I’ve only ever done it this way. I’ve seen that some people put it in a blender and blend them both together. I’ve never done it that way. I love the explosion of ice cream in each bite with my spoon. I sip and I eat my coke floats. How do you do yours? Do you eat them or sip them? They foam up quite a bit so be prepared to only put in a little coke at a time. Hope you enjoy these coke floats on a hot day!

coke float recipe

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Are you looking for a fun recipe to make for the kids? Check out my coke float recipe.

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