5 Must Haves when you host a BBQ and the one thing you always forget!

With the Fourth of July coming up it has gotten me thinking about barbecues. I love to have friends over and grill out. Then we just sit around and talk and eat. There is nothing better. What do you like to bring to these occasions? I set out to find out what are the 5 must haves when you have a barbecue. 

5 Must Haves When You Host a BBQ

5 must haves when you host a bbq

The one thing we must have is charcoal or gas to grill with. We don’t have a gas grill anymore. We actually converted our gas grill to charcoal when it broke. Great way to repurpose your grill right? It’s doing great and we’ve had this grill over 10 years. It’s a very sturdy grill I must say. We always make sure we have enough charcoal stocked up for us to grill with. 

grilled chicken for spinach salad recipe

The second must have is the meat you plan on cooking. Our favorites are hamburgers, chicken, or even pork chops. This is what sets the tone of your barbecue. Are you going to actually bbq the meat or season and marinate it? Either way it’s delicious. 

grilled corn

Third you must have some veggies of some kind. You can choose a salad, a veggie tray or even green beans and corn on the cob. This way you will have a really balanced meal for your guests. Plus you can leave the salad and veggie tray cold but you can cook the green beans and corn on the cob on the grill. 

brownies for the fourth of july

Fourth item that is a must have for bbq is the dessert. My favorite dessert to take is either a cheesecake or a pan of hot, chocolatey brownies. Either one is a winner for dinner at my bbq! Here’s the recipe for those delicious Patriotic brownies above!


What is the one thing everyone forgets at the barbecue?

But what is the one thing everyone forgets? The one thing no one thinks about but everyone needs at their barbecue? It’s the Cottonelle Mega Roll, of course! Walmart is the store where I found it at. I was able to use a great coupon from ibotta too.  Print it now for $1.00 off. If you don’t feel like grocery shopping make sure you check out Walmart’s pick up option. I’ve used it many times and love that on busy days I can just pull up and they’ll bring my groceries and items out to the car for me. So nice to treat myself to not shopping for the day, am I right? 

the one thing you should bring to a barbecue

When you’re having a barbecue you do it to socialize with your friends and neighbors. Let’s never run out of Cottonelle and remember to use the Cottonelle Walmart coupon to add more savings to your wallet on something you buy anyway! What are you guys doing for the fourth? Are you having a barbecue with friends or family? Never run out of Cottonelle! What’s your favorite item to bring to a barbecue? 

5 Must Haves when you host a bbq and the one thing you don't want to forget
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5 Must Haves when you host a bbq and the one thing you don't want to forget
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