Share the Luv with a high value diaper coupon

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luvs diaper couponParenting is a pricey endeavor. I was always looking for ways to cut corners when my kids were younger. One way I did that was to use Luvs. It was the diaper I used the most (after cloth diapers) on all 3 of my kids. I always felt I got a better value then I did when I used the more expensive diapers. They work just as well and I save money. It’s a win/win in my book. So it’s fun to share with you that this weekend’s newspaper will have a high value coupon for Luvs in it. You have to remember to grab the paper and use the $2 off any one pack of Luvs diapers coupon in it the P & G BrandSaver insert. The coupon expires on 6/10/2017 so put that one to use fast. 

luvs diaper coupon

You can also access a Luvs coupon of $2 off any one diaper pack or box. The $2 off coupon is available today until end of day 5/27.  Please note that this coupon will be changing to $1 from 5/28-6/10. Make sure you print it quick. Print-at- home coupons expire 30 days from the date the coupon is printed by the consumer. So make sure you go ahead and get the savings by using the coupon. You are free to use these coupons at any mass, discount or grocery stores where you can buy Luvs Diapers. All Luvs diapers are included in this offer except for trial and travel sized diaper packs. So right now you have two ways to save. Coupon in paper this Sunday and printable one online. Grab them both while you can and stock up on the savings. 

Luvs diapers now feature Super Absorbent Leakguards and NightLock Plus™, its largest absorbency area ever, Luvs Diapers (like always) lock away wetness and absorb even more than regular Luvs. Luvs has new large refastenable stretch tabs. This makes fastening Luvs diapers nice and easy for parents. It’s nice to know you can rest assured with the knowledge that you’re giving baby a secure, snug fit time after time. Did you know Luvs has a money back guarantee? They feel so sure about their diapers that they guarantee them. If you’re not satisfied with their diapers they’ll refund your money. See their site for details. Their diapers come in sizes newborn through size 6. 


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Share the Luv with a high dollar coupon for diapers
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Share the Luv with a high dollar coupon for diapers
Need a coupon on Luvs diapers? I've got a great one for you! Grab it here and print it out at home.
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My UnEntitled Life
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Need a coupon on Luvs diapers? I've got a great one for you! Grab it here and print it out at home. #AD #SharetheLuv

33 Replies to “Share the Luv with a high value diaper coupon”

  1. $2.00 is a big savings. We have three kids, and I’m sure we put someone’s kid in the diaper industry through college with all the diapers we bought.

  2. Thanks for sharing! My younger sis has a little one in diapers, as do several of my closest friends (thankfully we are diaper free here!) I’m going to share this with my friends and my sis though!

  3. Between my three children, I can not imagine how much money Luvs has saved us over the years. They are older now, but I plan to print this coupon for my sister. Thanks!

  4. Luvs has been the best brand of diapers in my opinion. When my daughter was young, these were the only ones that would stay on her well and last a long time. I tried other brands, but they were my favorite.

  5. Words can’t describe how happy I am that we are finally out of the diaper stage in our house! We did love Luvs diapers when we were still at that stage…such a great price point!

  6. Great deal for great diapers. I always get mine on Amazon for cheap for the entire 2 years my daughter has been in them! Just have to search to find great deals.

  7. Luvs diapers have been around for years. They have very much improved since they first came out in my opinion. I used Luvs for my second child and thought they were the same quality as the other brand name and at a great price I might add. Thanks for sharing this awesome coupon.

  8. We suddenly had so much more money each month when the kids weren’t wearing diapers anymore. I’m sure any parent with babies or toddlers will really appreciate this deal!

  9. This is a great deal. Any savings on diapers is always great. I love that Luvs is a cheaper brand of diapers too. It’s a win win!

  10. These are the best diapers hands down. I used them with all three of my kids and would use them again in a heartbeat. However, I am done with that chapter of my life. 🙂

  11. Such a great brand of diapers! I have to share this with my sister in law – she uses Luvs and they’re always so great!

  12. That’s a pretty good deal! I remember those days too. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

  13. That’s amazing. It would be nice to share this deal with parents who want to save on diaper costs. I think it’s really nice that love offers discounts and coupons most of the time.

  14. This diaper is really amazing, my sister loves using it with her daughter. Every mom should know this.

  15. You’re right, parenting is a pricey endeavor. I used to look for great deals when my son was a baby. The more savings, the better. Thank you for sharing the coupon here. Will share it with a friend.

  16. Luv’s was my mom’s go-to brand for all of her children when they were babies. Hopefully, they have more great deals like this one after my baby is born in July!

  17. This is awesome, and you’re so great for sharing this deal! I’m not a mom yet, but I remember when my siblings were babies how crazy expensive diapers were! This coupon will go to good use for many of your mommy readers!

  18. This is a fabulous deal on diapers! If mine were still little I would totally take advantage of this. My youngest is 5 now so it’s been a long while since we needed them. Sending this post to my sister in law who has a 1 year old though!

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