How to check out library books on your kindle

This is one of those ways I save a huge amount of money. I still check out books from my library and I never have to go in there! It’s so simple to do. I thought in case you didn’t know this I’d share it with you. So check out how to check out library books on your kindle. 

how to check out library books on your kindle

How to check out library books on your kindle

The first thing you need to do is if you don’t have the kindle app for your phone go ahead and grab it in the google play or the iTunes store.  Or if you’re like me and you prefer it to be more like a book you can grab the (affiliate link and I make a small portion if you choose to buy) Kindle here. You’ll need that or the app to be able to check out books. 

The second thing you need to download is the overdrive app. You can see a picture of it below. 

overdrive app to download books from the library

It’s the app with the O in the top left hand corner in the picture above. Once you download the overdrive app you set it up by choosing the library system you use. It gives you a pull down menu. It may ask for your location and you can trust this app so feel free to turn it on. Next it will want you to add your library card to it and make sure to have it remember it otherwise you’re putting in a ridiculously long number every single time you want a book. Then start browsing for books. It really is just that simple. This past week I found a book I had wanted and there was no wait. I am about to finish it now. It’s such a great way to read and not have to pay for books. Oh my library has a setting where you choose 7, 14, or 21 days for you to have the book out. I always set it to 21 days. 

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Did you know you could check out e-books at your library?

What’s your favorite genre of reading? I’m currently reading a fantasy/sci fy. I love mysteries and romance too. I even seem to really enjoy Young Adult fiction so much too. Enjoy! 



How to check out library books on your kindle
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How to check out library books on your kindle
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