All the hot toys we played with at TTPM showcase

Being a blogger can be a super fun job. When TTPM invited me out most expenses paid to NYC to test out the toys at the TTPM showcase my kids were super excited to go. So, I thought I’d share with you some of the fun we had while we were there. There were toys to be played with and youtubers to eat lunch with. My kids were so excited. arya ball

We loved talking to the maker of the Arya Ball from the show The Toy Box. He was super nice and my kids were fascinated to hear what he had to say. His son, Arya, was there too. I love his toy and wonder if it’ll be the winner at the Toy Box. 

electric bicycle fold up

My son was able to try this very cool electric bike. It folds up for easy carrying. It’s not heavy and it’s great for a person who needs to get around but can’t afford a car. It’s about $1000 and it goes up to 22 miles per hour. My son was fascinated with this electric bike. It is a great way to get around a busy city.  The electric bicycle was brought to us by Pacific Cycle. 


hair accessories


My daughter, mom and I loved the Alex booth. They had so many cool hair accessories. She had an accessory that put cool shiny metallic shapes in our hair. We walked around with them in all day. This would be a great gift idea for tween girls. Alex puts out these fun fashionable accessories. 


Marvel girl hero dolls

These Marvel girl superhero dolls were a plus on our tour around the showcase. What little girl or boy wouldn’t want to play with these. Hello Harley Quinn! Fun!


minion mineez

I don’t know about you but we are huge Minion fans at our house. These Mineez would be fun for any age child. The kids could act out their favorite Minions scene or create new ones. Minions Mineez are made by Universal Brand Development.


pokemon what's new

My son has loved Pokemon for years. It was so fun to stop by the booth and see the new app that they have for the kids to play with. The kids will love it. Pokemon is a Tomy product. 



The Roblox set was a fun one to visit. These sets would make a great gift for anyone who loves to put things together. My son is a huge fan of sets that he can put together so this was right up his alley.  Roblox is made by Jazwares LLC.


new toys from Wonder Crew

The Wonder Crew brand has a lot of fun new items out for their audience. I love the dolls and the different outfits and accessories. Wonder Crew is brought to you by Play Monster. 

What would be your number one toy to play with for the kids this summer? Thank you to TTPM for inviting us out! 

Check out who we saw and what we played with at the TTPM Showcase. #TTPM @TTPM

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