5 tips for helping you be a better caregiver and free printable

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If you’ve ever been a caregiver then you know what a hard job it is. Our family and friends need us more as they get older. It’s a tough job but it’s a great thing to be there for those we love. I’ve done it for my dad. He had multiple surgeries over a few years and as his child I felt it was my job to take care of him. Seeing to his needs and making sure he was fed was just a few of the ways I made sure to take care of his needs. If you’re a caregiver you know how hard that one job can be. I have 5 tips for helping you be a better caregiver and a free printable! 

5 tips to be a better caregiver

5 Tips to Be a Better Caregiver

Tip number one is to use a caregiver’s printable. This printable is the one I made. It helps keep all the caregivers up on what is going on with your loved one. Did they eat lunch? Were they in a good mood? Did they have pain? What meds need to be given and when? This is a necessary means of communication so you remember what was given and when. It’s so helpful to make sure that the next caregiver knows what’s going on.  To get the printable just right click the link and hit print. It’s that simple. Then all your caregivers will know how your loved one did that day and so will you. 

Click here to enlarge and then print your caregiver report pdf It looks like the one below. I hope it helps! 

Tip Number two is to see that they’re needs are met. If they’re having issues with light bladder leakage then look for what’s good to help with that. TENA® is a great way to help your loved one feel confident and still be able to get out and about if they need to. I love anything that helps my loved one feel better. We were able to grab ours at our local CVS. Here they are on the shelf. 

help for the caregivers 5 things to make them great

TENA® Lets Your Loved One Live their Best Life 

When your loved one feels confident enough to go out and live their life we’ve all won. TENA® has lots of many different products to fit many different needs. Make sure you check out their full line of products to find the perfect one for your loved one. I chose the TENA® intimates™  33 ct pads. What’s so great about the intimates? They have the same great absorbency with Triple Protection and now with ProSkin Technology™.  These pads help to maintain your skins natural protection with their exclusive technology. TENA® intimates™  now has an extra soft top layer. That layer quickly wicks fluid away from the skin keeping you feeling intimately fresh and clean. That’s a good thing! I have a deal for you too. So before you run to CVS check out how to get a $4 rebate by using iBotta. That makes it $10.99 price point – which is a $4 rebate, while supplies last. Just click the iBotta pic below to grab the savings.

ibotta tena savings

Then grab it here in this aisle below.

tena at cvs

Here’s the aisle we found them on! 

How to take care of yourself while being a caregiver

Tip number three is to make sure you are working out. You need to keep yourself in shape so that you can take care of someone else. Being in shape will help you lift them, move them, cook and clean for them. Keeping yourself in shape usually keeps your mood up. If you feel good then you take care of others better. 

 get your workout in and drink water to stay hydrated

My fourth tip is for you to make sure you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and then drink some more! Being dehydrated can cause all kinds of problems that will lead to an unhappy caregiver. We want you happy and at your best when you’re taking care of others. So grab a glass and make sure you are drinking water and not drinks that will dehydrate you. 

tena for at home caregivers


My last tip is to make sure you take time away from your loved one too. If you need to get a friend or an elderly sitter then do so. Make sure you take time away from your loved one so that you can recharge and go back to helping care for them when you’re at your best. Even if it’s just reading a book in your room alone for a few hours. Burn out is a real thing. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

Are you a caregiver for a loved one? What tips do you have to help us be better caregivers?  


5 tips for helping you be a better caregiver and free printable #ChooseTENA
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5 tips for helping you be a better caregiver and free printable #ChooseTENA
Caregiving for someone else can be so hard on you! I've got a few simple ways to up your caregiving game and a free printable so you know what other caregivers did for your loved one.
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Are you a caregiver? Let's look at some simple things you can do to help you be a better caregiver. AD #ChooseTENA

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  1. Thanks for posting a wonderful post. I try hard to become a better caregiver, but sometimes can’t give enough time to my cat. I will use your printable to list out my tasks.

  2. These are great tips. I will definitely keep them in mind if I end up becoming a caregiver to someone 🙂

  3. I’ll have to show my mom this. She’s been taking care of her 96 year old mother–she lives in a retirement home and gets most of her care from the workers, but mom helps a lot since it’s more comfortable with a family member.

  4. I love everything that you said here. I think that you have a complete list and the principal and I know a lot of people could definitely use that to help see what is going on during the day with the caregiver watching your loved one.

  5. I like the caregiver report printable. I was my dad’s caregiver for years and that would have been helpful.

  6. Being a caregiver can be so tough! You have given some great tips here and your printable is really useful!

  7. I absolutely love that caregiver report! I am actually my mom’s caregiver and sometimes it is so hard to make sure you have given every dose you are supposed to!

  8. It’s great that you can actually print these lists out and use them in real life. I’m not a caregiver but maybe someday I’ll be placed in that position.

  9. When you are a caregiver it is important to take care of yourself as well. It can be very stressful keeping track of everything. I love the printable because it helps when changing shifts to let the other person know what was going on.

  10. This is a great post and will be super helpful to caregivers! I love that you have the printable it takes the stress off making sure you remembered to do everything!

  11. My brother was the one who lived with my step-dad before he died. He has short term memory issues. These printables would have been great for him!

  12. These are great tips for being a caregiver. I really do believe the one thing every care giver has to do is to take time for yourself. We all need this time to regroup so we can deal this what ever comes when caring for someone else.

  13. Does Tena intimates prevent bed sores or pressure sores? My 86, almost 87 year old grandmother ended up with a stage 4 pressure sore which led to sepsis (the infection went to her blood stream), from wearing depends and mostly sitting after returning home from rehab after fracturing her hip.

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