What to do In San Francisco on a quick trip!

what to do on a quick trip to san francisco

Last month I headed out to San Francisco on a quick work trip. I didn’t have too much time but I wanted to see the sites. So I buckled down and got it done with a little help from my friends of course! So let’s see what there is to do when on a quick trip to San Francisco. Once my friends and I got together we began to go out and see the sites. We took an uber to Pier 39 and the Fisherman’s Wharf. 

fun things to do in San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

Here we are after we left our uber driver and are about to get to the Wharf. 

what to do with friends in San Francisco for a quick trip

That’s my friend Pam, Laura, Olivia and me.

clam chowder in san francisco on the wharf

Our first meal was clam chowder in a bread bowl and a lovely adult beverage. Mmm.

sea lions on the wharf san francisco

I swear he was posing for me. We saw him out the window rom where we were enjoying our clam chowder. The wharf is pretty and very walkable. When we left here we went to see the Painted Ladies. 

visit the painted ladies

One of these was in Mrs. Doubtfire as the house the family lived in. This is the park in the opening scene of Full House. It was having a bit of construction done when I was there. 

The next day we got up and grabbed another uber and headed to Golden Gate Park. 

golden gate bridge in san francisco a must see

You can walk the bridge or take a bike ride over. But alas we didn’t have time for that. After Golden Gate bridge and park we grabbed another uber and headed to Ghiradelli Square. 

fun things to do on a quick trip to san francisco

We had lunch at a cool diner there. I can’t remember the name but it’s right in the square and it was pretty good.

ghiradelli square diner

It definitely had a 50’s feel to it. I the vanilla pepsi I had while there. It was delicious. Mmm.

We headed to check out the Ghiradelli store next. 

ghiradelli ice cream at the ghiradelli sqare

My friend Olivia and I split this delicious sundae. It was so unbelievably good. 

From here we decided it would be a great idea to see Lombard Street and since we were so close we thought we should walk. Oh my what a walk it was. We walked 27 flights up via a sidewalk (this is what my app told me). It was quite a climb. But definitely worth it in the end. Then we walked down Lombard Street to take a pic. 

fun things to do in San Francisco

I don’t think I’d ever drive that. Never. Ever. It’s very twisty and curvy. This cute little bus gives tours and they did though. From here we headed to the Japanese Tea Gardens. It’s so beautiful. 

how to see the sites on a quick trip to San Francisco

There are so many photo opps at the Tea Gardens. It was fairly inexpensive to get in. I think it was $12. Might have been $8. This is my favorite photo from the Gardens. 

japanese tea gardens in san francisco

Last we went to Sonoma. You can do the wine country tours or you can see the Sonoma Race track. Let’s see what we saw. 

Sonoma Racetrack

Here’s a pic of me and my friends about to take a ride in a race car! 

sonoma racetrack san francisco fun

Andrew, Me and Olivia

I love my friends and taking quick trips even when on business makes a trip fun. We got out and saw a lot in one day. One 24 hour period. It was amazing. So if you’re in San Francisco for a quick day do some of these things and you’ll not regret it. I’m so happy to have had these experiences and been able to bring them to you! What would you be excited to visit in San Francisco? 

What to do on a quick trip to San Francisco
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What to do on a quick trip to San Francisco
What to do on a quick trip to San Francisco when you're very short on time!
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