What is the Three Mile Challenge #3milechallenge

What is the three mile challenge?

three mile challenge

How can I be a better steward of what I’ve been given? This is something I’ve just been thinking on lately.  One thing I had come up with was to find as many resources as I can closer to home. This probably won’t work for those in rural areas but those of us in the suburbs or urban areas it should work great. My challenge is for you to find as many things as you can get done much closer to home. So if it’s a haircut you need try to find it within 1-3 miles of your home. I just had my haircut and I went by this motto. My hair was cut by someone who is within 1 mile of my house. My doctor that I just switched to is within a mile of my house. My bank is within 3 miles of my house. My grocery store is about 5 miles away but I have a Walmart that is within 2 miles of my house. If I’m out running errands and going to be on that side of town then I will do a run in to that store. But the Walmart allows me to place an order the night before and have them bring it out to me on the next day at a certain time. So I will be utilizing both to save myself both time and money. If I’m not in Walmart then I’m definitely saving money. 

Why is the three mile challenge beneficial?

This does two things it allows me to walk to these places and get more steps in.  It also requires me to think and seek out places closer to home. I’m up for the challenge. I want to work smarter and not harder. The fact that I am choosing to seek out places closer to my home gives me more time, gas and money in my pocket. I just wish we had more sidewalks so I could walk to these places easier. Maybe I should pull out my bike and get my exercise that way too! This is better for the environment and better for me! Are there places in your area that you can begin patronizing to keep your footprint smaller on this Earth? Are you ready to do the challenge with me?

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  1. You are correct, get things done local saves transportation costs. I figure it costs my 60 cents a mile to operate my car, so when I plan my errands i figure that into my costs and consolidate trips as a 30 miles round trip added $18 to the cost of getting that item(s). Yesterday afternoon, i did you one better than getting your haircut only a mile from home. I looked at my ends and reminded by husband that I needed a trim. He said ok, I will get my stuff, meaning his bag with scissors, combs, clips and a cape, you get the stool and have a seat. And he gave me a trim, great results as usual. He has been cutting my hair for me since we first started dating, no one else has been allowed to cut my hair but him since. I figure between him cutting and coloring my hair for, I save over $1500 as compared to what it would cost me in the salon, not including the transportation costs as well as my time. Insourcing and shopping local can save alot of money.

    1. That’s great. My hubby does color my hair but I can’t let him cut it. LOL I only get mine cut about twice a year so I’m not worried!

      1. The color part is the really expensive hit. My sister-in-law pays $140 every 6 weeks to get her hair cut and colored, over $200 if she gets highlights. And frankly i thought her hair was badly cut and her hair looked fried from the bleach in the highlights. My hair is longer than yours, it reaches to my elbows and it is thick, so they would probably charge me over $300. I use henna as it not only does not damage your hair, but deep conditions it, I get great color, shine and I love how silky it feels. I need two packages if I am getting a full application, but only one if hubby is giving me a root touch up. So I figure it costs me about $75 for my henna. It does take longer though. It takes Mr. perfectionist about 35-40 minutes to trim my hair as he does the full sectioning, and trims my ends, letting down each layer in one inch sections and ensuring it is even all around. Applying the henna to my mop takes him another 45 minutes as I have him section my hair, cover my roots well before he does the rest of the length, and then I have to put a plastic cap on and leave it on for 2 hours. So it is an afternoon project. I get compliments on my hair and my mother asked me to do her color with the henna as she is retired and cannot fork out the expense at the salon. She was very happy with the results and she got a lot of compliments on her color as well as saving a lot of money. We are both quite fortunate as there are not many husbands that would color their wife’s hair for them. They would rather they go to the salon and then complain about the amount they spent.

        1. It is really expensive. If he didn’t do it for me I don’t think I could spend that on myself every month. Yours sounds better chemical wise. I’ve just never broken the Sally’s habit.

          1. I get stuff at Sally’s just not color. We buy hair clips, shampoo, conditioner, the capes, neck strips, combs, etc. but they do not carry henna. When I asked about it they said they don’t carry it because it will turn your hair green and it ruins your hair. It does neither, but it what the staff there are told to say. BTW, the $75 is my cost for the YEAR, not one application.

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