Pedicure in a Jar Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Pedicure in a Jar Mother’s Day Gift Idea


mother's day gift idea pedicure in a jar

Happy April everyone! Who all is loving this spring time weather? I know I am! I can’t wait to get into my garden this weekend and plant some veggies and herbs! And we all know that April showers bring May flowers! That and Mother’s Day of course! Is anyone else a planner like me and are already getting gift ideas together? Well if you are I have a super easy and cute Mother’s Day gift idea that every mom is going to love! 

My mom in particular loves having her toes done but HATES going to the nail place to get them done. Her feet are super sensitive and she is a diabetic so that brings an extra set of caution she must take when it comes to any sharp objects around her feet. So because of these too things she opts to do her own nails at home. She always tends to misplace things and ends up buying the same pair of nail clippers over and over again. So that got me thinking, what would be an easy way to keep all of her pedicure tools all in one place? A jar of course! It doesn’t take up much space, can easily fit in a medicine cabinet, and something I already had in my home. So the idea for Pedicure in a Jar was born! 

Ya’ll, this Pedicure in a Jar Mother’s Day Gift Idea is SO easy to put together!

You only need a few things for this project:

  • A mason jar 
  • A pedicure kit (I got mine from Walmart for $7 and it comes with all the basic essentials. You could also grab the items by themselves if you didn’t want all the items included in a kit)
  • Your mom’s favorite color of nail polish plus a top coat
  • Some lotion
  • optional: ribbon
  • optional: printable gift label (included below) 

(click to enlarge and print)

After you have gathered all the items to go into the jar, feel free to print off these cute (if I do say so myself) labels that I have made. One for the lid of the jar, and one for the base. I just used a little glue to adhere them and they worked perfectly! 

When it comes to stuffing your jar with pedicure goodness, I like to play around with the arrangement that looks best for gift giving. (But make sure it will all fit in there when your mom just throws it all back in there after using it, haha!). Bigger items in the back, smaller items in the front seem to work great and really show off everything thats in the jar! I love how personalized a gift like this can be. You can switch it up and add whatever nail polish she likes, the tools she likes, and even make your own labels if you are feeling a little creative. 

You don’t even have to stop with just pedicure items. You could make any Mother’s Day themed jar you wanted! It’s such an easy and fun concept. If you do make one whether it’s my pedicure idea or not, come back and let me know how you put your own spin on it! 




Pedicure in a Jar Mother's Day Gift Idea
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Pedicure in a Jar Mother's Day Gift Idea
Need a fun homemade Mother's Day gift idea? Check out my Pedicure in a jar and make one for your mom!
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