Racing into San Francisco for #Cars3Event and more!

Have you heard? I head to San Francisco next week to do all kinds of fun things on the Cars 3 event and I’m so excited. I want to share with you all the fun that will be had while I’m there. First of all make sure you are following all the hashtags! This will keep you up to date with what we’re doing each day.

#Cars3Event, #PuppyDogPalsEvent, #ABCTVEvent, #TheToyBox and #BornInChina

So we arrive on Monday, March 27 and I’ve never been to San Francisco. Is there anything special I must do while I’m there? I’ll have one day to explore before the work begins! Let me know the must do spots!  

cars 3 event in San Francisco 

After we arrive on Monday the first thing we do is head for Pixar Animation Studios. I think I’m more excited about visiting Pixar than most anything else on this trip. We just love their movies.  Don’t you?

Once we get there that night we will be screening the short LOU followed by a presentation with Director Dave Mullins and Producer Dana Murray. I love interviewing the people who make such amazing films. Then we will proceed to a screening of footage from CARS 3 (introduced by Director Brian Fee, Producer Kevin Reher and Co-Producer Andrea Warren). After this there will be a reception with some nice food and drinks! We will head back to the hotel for some much needed sleep because the next day we will be racing around all day starting at 6:30 AM!  

cars 3 trailer and release date

Bright and early Tuesday morning we will depart the hotel for the Sonoma Raceway. They will feed us and then we will see the CARS 3 Filmmaker Presentations! Featuring the THE STORY OF OUR STORY. And here’s a trailer for your enjoyment! 


We will explore the challenges and successes of how the writers of CARS 3 approached this third installment and continuation of Lightning McQueen’s story. Participants include Kiel Murray (Writer), Bob Peterson (Writer), Mike Rich (Writer) & Scott Morse (Story Supervisor). Aaahhh!! After that we will get to learn about THE NEXT GENERATION.

Which is basically an overview on designing, creating and bringing life to the next generation of cars – Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. Participants include Jude Brownbill (Directing Animator),Jay Shuster (Production Designer) & Michael Comet (Characters Supervisor). Then we will learn more about the START TO FINISH: PIXAR’S PRODUCTION PIPELINE. I love to learn the stories of how it comes to life! We will hear about the technical achievements and challenges that artists experienced in the making of CARS 3. Participants include Bobby Podesta (Supervising Animator), Michael Fong (Supervising Technical Director) & Jon Reisch (Effects Supervisor).


They will teach us about the history of stock car racing, including the evolution of car design, stories of legend drivers and more! Participants include Jay Ward (Creative Director) & Ray Evernham (Former Crew Chief for Hendrick Motorsports). How exciting!                        

After that is over we get to break into groups of 3 to take a lap around the racetrack and see how it feels to be in a real racecar! GoPro cameras will record the entire thing! Aaaggghhh!!!!! I’m so excited!  

After lunch we will go straight to a CARS 3 press conference with Director Brian Fee, Producer Kevin Reher and Co-Producer Andrea Warren. Cars 3 races into theaters on June 16! What questions do you have for me?

For more fun next we will do Pit Stop Training! Guido makes it look easy – can’t wait to see if I can change out tires as quickly as he can! I’m absolutely sure that I can’t. But it’ll be fun to find out!! From here we get to take a Tour of the Sonoma Raceway garage! My husband is not happy about me being at Sonoma Raceway without him. He’ll be fine…right?

After that we leave the Sonoma Raceway for the theater to screen PUPPY DOG PALS episode screening (22 minutes) . What a cute show! We then get to do a  Q&A with PUPPY DOG PALS Executive Producer Sean Coyle and Disney Junior Creative Executive Diane Ikemiyashiro.

Following this we head to the Born in China screening and I can’t wait to see this one. It looks amazing and I love that John Krasinski voices it. That wraps up day one and day two.

born in china

Let’s see what day three has in store for us.   Let’s watch a trailer and remember how amazing Born In China’s going to be! Remember it’s in theaters everywhere on April 21st! 
“Meet Ya Ya and Mei Mei” Clip

We head back to Pixar Animation Studios and we are then screening ABC’s  THE TOY BOX episode screening (44 minutes). I love that Cam from Modern Family hosts this. It’s going to be epic! Then we will get the latest Q&A with Pixar Creative Director of Consumer Products and THE TOY BOX Mentor Jen Tan. I love seeing the toys that come out of all these great movies and shows. How they come to be is always a fun conversation. Then we head over to see Pixar in a Box ( presentation. After that we will do a Mini tour of the Pixar campus.

the toy box

Here’s where you can find out more about the movies and TV shows we’re screening.

CARS 3 & LOU (6/16/17) (#Cars3 & #Lou)




BORN IN CHINA (4/21/17) (#BornInChina)


THE TOY BOX (Fridays at 8/7c on ABC) (#TheToyBox)


PUPPY DOG PALS (Fridays on Disney Junior) (#PuppyDogPals)



SONOMA RACEWAY (#SonomaRaceway)

And my posts on Born in China, printables for Born in China, Cars 3, Cars 3 with Owen and more. What questions do you have for me on this event? I need questions for Born in China, Cars 3, The Toy Box and Puppy Dog Tales!! So put them below!





Follow along and learn with me about Cars 3, Born In China, Puppy Dog Pals, Lou and the Toy Box! You'll have fun. #Cars3Event

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