Picture Frame Cross Craft

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft to make someone for Easter? Are you wanting to just do a quick craft with stuff you have around the house? I’ve got the perfect craft for you to do! Check out my Cross picture frame craft  and make one for yourself or someone you love!

rustic cross picture frame craft

Picture Frame Cross Craft

What you need!

cross picture frame craft

Picture frame


card stock


rustic cross craft

My Cross Picture Frame Craft was super easy to do. All I did was insert card stock into the picture frame. Close the frame. Then I added the burlap ribbon. Put the ribbon down and set the picture frame on top of it. Then pull the ribbon over the top and make the knot and pull the ribbon around the back of the frame to make the line at the top of the cross. Tie it off at the back. It was just that simple.

rustic cross picture frame craft for easter

Now you can do this in so many ways. You can paint the frame. You can leave the frame empty with no glass or anything and just the cross over the top. The possibilities are endless. Then hang or let it sit out on a table. Such a fun and simple craft! What other Easter ideas do you have? Check out my other Easter recipes, ideas and crafts here.

Wanting to craft something sweet and simple for Easter? Check out my Cross Picture Frame Craft and make one today.

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