How to make your cat happy and secure and stop unwanted behaviors


I had the best box arrive in the mail the other day. It’s filled with all things for my sweet Oreo. She’s my rotten cat. She’s so spoiled. We all just love her so. Here’s her picture so you know who I’m speaking of.

Our pets have needs. Needs that we need to address. One of her needs was to climb and sharpen her claws. Rather than risk her ruining my furniture I went ahead and spent $40 on this pole for her. She absolutely loves it and she’s our baby so we do love to spoil her. In my box I got some great Catego and Feliway® items to tell you about so you can spoil your furbaby and keep them protected too. Let’s see what all I received in our Ceva Cat Box and how we can make sure our cats are happy and secure.

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How to make your cat feel happy and secure and stop unwanted behaviors.

Cats oftentimes can exhibit unwanted behaviors that you may be looking to stop. There were some great items in my box that will help change a cat’s behavior. Here’s what was in my box. The first item I pulled out and put to use was the Catego flea and tick killer for cats. It’s for use on cats who are 8 weeks or older and over 1.5 pounds. I can’t stand fleas and ticks. They’re the bane of my existence. So this was something we believe in doing all year long for my precious Oreo. Not only does it kill fleas and ticks, it also kills the flea eggs, flea larvae and chewing lice. It kills them within 6 hours too. Other brands take 12 hours to kill the fleas, ticks, etc. I love that it’s very easy to apply using their patented applicator and that it’s for use on indoor as well as outdoor cats. We have dogs that go in and out so it’s imperative that I make sure my cat has her Catego. Parasites can come in on any other breathing being in the house. So we make sure she’s protected.  Catego’s available at Amazon, veterinarians and soon to be at PetSmart. 

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If your cat is a scratcher or marks the house here is the how to stop your cats bad behavior.

The next item that we put to work was the Feliway® products. These are the items that will help you get those cats unwanted behaviors stopped. We received three of them in our shipment. The first one we checked out was the Feliway® wipes. It’s known as the solution to help comfort cats. You get a box with twelve wipes in it. When cats feel comfortable in their home they rub their faces on the furniture. It marks the house with their scent. This helps them to feel secure. These wipes will come in handy when we go on vacation and need to make sure she feels secure during our beach time. We can then spot wipe it on the table legs, corners, or the edge of the couch. I love that this product will help my sweet girl feel more secure. This can lead to curbing the unwanted behavoirs when your cat feels insecure. Security is so important for our cats! It’s amazing what they know now that they didn’t know back when I was growing up. 

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Next I tested out the Feliway® diffuser.  I plugged it in and used it in my living room which is where we all spend the most time. It suggests that you need to use it continuously for the first 30 days. Straight on the box it tells us that it gets proven results in 9 out of 10 cats. What it does is help to control those unwanted behaviors. You’ll see results in about a week. It helps with urine spraying, scratching, fears and changes. We’ve not actually seen these behavoirs in our sweet Oreo. She’s a pretty good girl. Occasionally she does get her zoom on. That’s what we call it when she has her energetic time. She’s not yet 3 so she’s still a baby. But if you’ve got a boy who likes to mark his house I’d definitely give this item a try. I love that it helps them feel secure in their environment. We also received the Feliway® travel spray. I plan on using this the next time we head to the vet. I’ll put it on her crate and let her know she’s secure and okay. Travel is scary for our kitties. So this item is a great way to let them feel secure no matter where they are. You can grab the Feliway® products from your local veterinarian. It’s important to note that these products are not a drug for your cat but what’s in them mimics the actual cat pheromones.  If you’re dealing with marking, scratching and fears these products are a great way to curb those behaviors. I had a dog that marked the house and it drove me nuts. I know it’s a problem. These are a great solution to end marking from cats and the scratching that goes with it. 

We also received a Feliway® cat lovey. Which as you can tell by looking at the photo my dog loved. I was so afraid of that. 

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He’s definitely the lovey killer at our house. Our pets and our family are united in love. It’s so fun to get treats and things for them that are useful. The box that all our items came in can be turned into a cat house for my sweet Oreo. She loves her some boxes. Don’t all cats?  Not only did they include items for my dog (on accident ha!!) but they included something lovely for me. I received the book Disciplined Dreaming and plan on reading it on the airplane to San Francisco later this week. It looks like it’s just the thing I need to keep myself on track with being a self employed worker! It’ll help keep me on track with work and if what I’m doing is productive or is it unimportant and I need to stop! And I’ll plan a sweet treat in my Catego cup maybe a nice hot chocolate or a mocha would hit the spot!

What items would your cat have loved from my Ceva cat box? Does your cat misbehave or is s/he a dream like my Oreo?

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  2. With 6 cats I’m sure this would come in handy. They don’t always get along. It can be interesting living in a house where the humans are so outnumbered. heh

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