Beauty and the Beast Review new trailer and printables too.

Beauty and the Beast review from a mom

I remember playing Beauty and the Beast back when I taught 1st grade. I was a young 24 year old teacher at the time. It’s been a minute. The kids all loved that animated movie so. Going to see the live animated version was a beautiful tapestry on the big screen. My girl and I were blown away. The colors, the music, the costumes all of it was a 10. We sat glued to the big screen for 2 hours not moving and barely breathing. I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed at a movie as I was at this one. We saw it in Imax and that only made our experience that much better. 

My favorite characters were Kevin Kline playing Belle’s father. I also loved Gaston he was horribly fantastic. I loved Lumiere, Le Fou, Chip and Mrs. Potts. The cast meshed so well and the movie itself was just seamless as well as timeless. If you’re wondering if your child will like it my 11 year old loved it. We both were gushing all the way home. I normally do not gush over a movie. But this one deserved it! Make sure you see it now because it’s in theaters today!!! 


Beauty and the Beast new tv spot and poster

And a new Beauty and the Beast trailer for you too! Check it out below! 


And now new printables from Beauty and the Beast 

Check out the new Beauty and the Beast memory game. Click the link and hit print! 

BeautyAndTheBeast_pdf_58cad53a0c514 memory game

Beauty and the Beast door hanger 

BeautyAndTheBeast_pdf_58cad5168ebbf door

Beauty and the Beast bookmarks 

BeautyAndTheBeast_pdf_58cad52556d55 bookmarks

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Check out my review of Beauty and the Beast and see the new trailer and free printables for kids.

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