$100 amazon giveaway 3/31

Welcome to the $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

PLUS you can win even more as you complete entry tasks!

amazon giveaway

Host: Parenting Healthy

UnitedHealthcare and myself really want to help you understand the costs associated with your health plan. Plus you can win as you learn. It is very quick and easy.
How to enter to win all prizes:
1. UnitedHealthcare has 3 engagements for March: Each engagement offers a $100 weekly prize winner and a $500 monthly winner. Lots of chances to win and it only takes seconds! You can enter each engagement daily.

2. I have teamed up with Parenting Healthy to also offer a $100 Amazon gift card prize. To enter you just need to complete the 3 engagements above. Use the promo code: ParentingHealthy on the submit page where it asks you for a code. ENTER ON WIDGET BELOW for this giveaway. Come back to enter daily.


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