Valentine’s Day Fizzy Fruity Adult Beverage

Looking for a delicious adult beverage for Valentine’s Day? I’ve got a new one you must try! It has only 2 ingredients so it’s not an expensive drink either. Let’s see how you make my fruity Mango Fizz Alcoholic beverage.

mango fizz alcoholic drink recipe

Here’s the ingredients you need to grab to make my Mango Fizz Adult Beverage!

Lemon Lime Soft Drink

Mango Rum


Cool Glass 

Fizzy Fruity Adult Beverage Recipe Instructions

mango fizz alcoholic ingredients recipe

I added about a half cup of mango rum to a cup with ice. Then poured lemon lime soda into the glass the rest of the way. So probably one cup of lemon lime and a half cup of mango rum. It’s so so good. Refreshing and delicious are the words I’d use to describe it. You can also use Black Cherry rum. That would be absolutely to die for. 


What are your favorite adult beverages? Do you like to mix and match based on what you have? Is that just something I do? 😉 Before you go check out my other fun drink recipes. Mango Mai Tai, Mango Lemonade, Sangria, Irish Coffee,  Valentine’s Day drinks for kids and adults, Mommy’s Special Juice, St. Patrick’s Day drinks for kids and adult versions too,  and even my cotton candy soda or my passion tea Lemonade recipe



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