The chaos of Life: inspiration for moms

the chaos of life

Loudness echos from the dining room all over the house. We’re playing birthday Uno at my birthday boy’s request. It was loud. It was epic. We had fun. We do have fun as a family. We eat together. We play together and we generally love each others company. I can feel it creeping in though. It will come to an end all to soon. The oldest is in his second year of college. He will not want to be playing Uno with the family much longer. Those loud dinners where we share our days and have fun with each other has an expiration date. I can feel it coming.

family game times

I’m not ready for this. I know I have two more at home that won’t leave for at least 8 more years but the house does change. It ebbs and flows just like the tide. It’s letting me know that high tide can take it back out to sea in a few short years. Change is good. I know it is. I want my children to be successful adults and be out adulting with jobs and families. I want them to have a family like ours. Time is letting me know it will happen all too soon.


Moms of small children know this. It all comes to an end. It’s wonderful and frustrating to be in the arena of raising small children. Your life is chaotic, crazy, stressful and overwhelming. All stages we have to go through. Just remember to breathe it in. Remember that they do grow up. They do change and life brings about changes of its own. They won’t always be little. You won’t always be their world. But for now soak up the tiny moment that you’re living in. Take them to breakfast. Listen to their stories. Breathe in their stinky boy smell. Paint her nails. Buy her a cupcake and know time is short. But life is and can be good. 


Mom if you’re having a rough day I’m here for you. Be good to yourself. My kids are 10, 14, and 19. There’s a reason I go to bed at 8:30. It’s because I’ve had enough. I can’t take anymore. I need someone else to see to their needs. I work at home and it’s a blessing and a curse. I love my job and I love my family but remember that you’re a person who needs to take care of yourself as well. Love your babies. Love yourself. Remember that life is change. 

What problems are you facing right now? Will they matter in five years? Be good to yourself.




The Chaos of Life inspiration for moms

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