How to make yourself a priority and save time too

As a mom I’m constantly running around doing things for my job and for my family. I love every second of it. I need to work on carving out some me time and thought maybe I’m not the only one. So I decided to share what’s working with me on getting my Me time in. Check out how to save time so you can have me time.

How do you save time so that you can make yourself a priority?

The first thing I’ve started doing this year is buying my groceries and picking them up instead of shopping for them at the store. My local Kroger and Walmart both do it. So I can get deals and my groceries for the week. It also keeps me on a better budget because I have a set amount in my mind I want to spend each week. Since I’m not there I’m not throwing extra stuff in there we don’t need. It’s a win/win. I’m about to go pick up my groceries in a few. 🙂 

The second thing I started doing is all my shopping for birthdays online too. So my daughter’s birthday is today and I’ve bought everything online. I have things coming in my grocery pickup for her too. Shhhh. She asked for a kindle fire stick. So I grabbed one of those. We no longer have cable so this is how she’ll watch tv with Prime and Netflix. It was so convenient for me to just grab what she wanted off the net. I love being able to shop online!

get your workout in

Once I drop the kids off at school I make it a point to go ahead and set out dinner and get my workout in. This way it’s behind me so I can start my day. I’ve also talked with my kids and we’re going to be walking in the afternoon when it’s pretty. We have a school trip coming up that I know will require tons of walking. I don’t want them complaining when I’m the old lady. Right? 

make yourself a priority and take time for you

Make time for your friends. My friends help keep me going in this world. They are my reason I smile and have fun things to look forward too. It’s not always been that way.  If you’re without friends right now know that it’s a season. Reach out to people you are friends with on facebook and find yourself someone that is your kind of crazy. I went through a season where I didn’t have friends and it was so hard. But by you reaching out and making new friendships you can make new friends. We all have those seasons where the ones that were your friends somehow no longer are. It’s not hard to make new ones! Do it. My friends are my soft place to fall and I love them so. We schedule time to be with each other each month. It’s so important. I need it weekly as well as monthly.

Try to carve out a few minutes each day and make yourself a priority. You’re so important. You’re there for them but you also need to be there for yourself. How can you carve time out of your day for yourself today? 





Are you getting tired of not giving yourself a break each day? Take time for you and make yourself a priority.

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