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We all love our pets. Sometimes I think we love them too much.  We just bought our cat a new climbing tree for our living room.  I just took my dog to get a haircut and facial that cost more than my haircuts ever do. How is it that I have no problem spending money on my four legged friends? Because we love them. Today I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to a site that helps you build a better bond with our four legged friends.   PawCulture™ is a site that wants to educate, train and guide you through the joys and fun of pet ownership. I even found an informative article on there to share with you guys.  

pawculture shares pet projects, diy, and recipes

I know in the past I’ve shown you how to make cat toys with little or no money. The article I saw and loved was about how to make DIY dog toys. Dog toys can be quite expensive in this day and age. But it doesn’t have to be. Let’s look at the Pawculture idea for a few DIY dog toys. 


They had quite a few pet DIY projects. One that is so simple was to take a sock and slip an empty water bottle in it. The sew the sock shut. The dog will carry it around and chew on it. My lab is always looking for something to bring to newcomers who arrive at our home. He would love to grab one of these to share with his new friends. Does your dog do this too or just mine? 

diy toys for dogs

The next idea was for you to buy some flannel fabric from the fabric store to make a braided rope type play toy. My lab would love one of these. This is one idea I think I will do. My Snickers (lab) loves to play tug of war. Only he’s so sensitive he lets go if he really thinks we want it. So sweet. 

Their next idea is how to make a catnip sock for the cat. I’ve been really impressed with their information and helpful articles. Check out their Pet DIY projects on Pawculture. They’ve got so many great ideas, projects, pet recipes and pet tips there.  I’m going to go back and check out their pet recipes. I made my dogs food for a while so I’m always interested to see what other recipes for pets I can find. Why not show them some love and visit their site or follow them on their social media. 

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Another thing I love is that they share rescue stories on their site. Both my guys were dogs that we took from people who had to get rid of them. Not a horrible rescue situation but we took them in so they didn’t have to go to a shelter or rescue. My  Snowball was a hot mess of going to the bathroom in the house all the time. I think my hubby was ready to rehome him. Luckily we found a site like Pawculture who helps us train and guide our dogs. What kind of pets do you have? Have you ever made a DIY project for your pet? 


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Are your dogs bored? Need something inexpensive to keep them entertained? Check out these diy dog toys. #PawCulture @PawCulture AD

22 Replies to “DIY Dog Toys”

  1. I love the idea of DIY dog toys for my dog, Max. He would love to play with a braided rope toy and the sock/empty water bottle is a simple toy that I need to make today.

  2. I have never done my own dog toy, honestly I didn’t know you could do that. We have one dog and she’s a puppy. I would love to make a couple things for her to play with.

  3. We’ve actually made a few pet toys for our dogs before! We did something similar to the braided flannel rope.

  4. I love to spoil my pets. I will have to try making them these toys this weekend. I just finished making them sweaters.

  5. I am not really crafty but I would love to try and make toys for my fur baby. He has an old stuffed monkey toy that he can never part with. Maybe I can make him another toy out of old socks and shape it like a snowman. Anything to make me take that monkey away from him so I can wash it! LOL. I’m going to look into Pawculture. It seems like a good resource for pet owners.

  6. I haven’t ever made a successful DIY dog toy because my dog has always destroyed it. I will definitely check out your example and see if I can make something strong enough for my sweet pup!

  7. I think it would be more cost effective for me to DIY my dogs toys. A new toy only has shelf life from one day to one week. lol So I am going to have to jump on these ideas.

  8. I don’t have a pets ( never had one ), but I’m sure that PawCulture is an awesome resource-site for pet-lovers and pet-owners. I like the idea of the DIY Pet Projects. More than saving money, it encourages doing stuff that are a labor-of-love plus there’s a lot of room there to be creative.

  9. What a great idea! I never thought about this as a DIY. It definitely would save some money for dog owners! I love your idea!

  10. We don’t have dogs. However this would be a fun project to make with my boys for grandma and papas dogs. I love giving homemade!

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