5 Ways to help prepare your garden today

It’s February and we were out in shorts yesterday work in the yard. Climate change is real yo. I wore my flip flops and had a blast working in my flower beds yesterday. We began working on our plan for our garden. Here’s what all we did yesterday. These are the 5 ways to help prepare your garden today

5 Ways to Help Prepare your Garden Today

5 ways to prepare your garden today

The first thing we did was to borrow my father in law’s tiller. My husband knows that we need to till the land at least 2 if not 3 times before we can plant. We will be getting started on this next weekend. We moved last year so we had to find a new plot in our very shady yard. We have about 1/2 an acre and 14 trees. So we had to pick carefully. Now because this part of our yard has never been a garden we know it needs a lot of care. There were 3 raised boxes here that we got rid of last year. We got rid of them because the wood surrounding them had turned to cardboard I kid you not. In these boxes were Nandinas. There are a few different kind of nandina bushes. The one I had at my previous house was a single beautiful bush. The ones in my yard here are constantly reproducing offspring. So the tiller should put an end to those trying to regrow nonstop. Be careful which nandina bushes you purchase. 

The second thing we did was to dig up and transplant some flowers that were in an inconvenient location. We moved them to a spot where we do not have to worry about them getting run over. We want to protect the ones we want to keep. So we yesterday dug a trench around a flower bed to keep the flowers from trying to grow out of it. This is helpful to the kids as they mow. 

The third thing we did was to weed our beds. We got in there as a family of five and spent about 2 hours weeding. We want that bermuda grass out so that my stevia and flowers can grow. We have a lot of beautiful flowers from my mother’s garden and we want to keep them. 

The fourth thing we did was to plan what we will be planting. I’ve got it all planned out on paper how my rows will go and how many of each plant we need. This is helpful to keeping me on task when it comes time to get ready to plant. I will also need to see what seeds I already have and then make sure I get the ones I’m out of. 

The last thing I did was to plan what cold weather crops I can start in my planters on my back porch. I’m planning on planting them this weekend. I’ll be planting spinach, sweet peas, broccoli and more. These will stay in containers until we have tilled the land up repeatedly and are ready to plant. I’m so excited for garden time! What have you done to prepare for your garden? 

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It's time to start planning your garden! Here's 5 things you can do this weekend to start prepping it!

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