5 Smartphone Apps that help you lose weight and workout

My hubby and I are on a weight loss binge. We’ve been going strong for a week. Don’t laugh! My husband has lost almost 10 pounds and I have lost 3 in 3 days. These apps are what we are using and they’re working great!  I am not being paid to recommend these to you. These are the 5 best smartphone apps that help you lose weight and workout and we’re using them successfully. 

5 free smartphone apps to help you lose weight




NetDiary is a great app that allows you to track your food and fitness. It also ties into your health (app with a heart on it) app on your iPhone. I love that I can take a pic of a bar code and it will upload the food I’ve eaten. I’m not cutting anything out but watching my calories and that means I’m eating a lot less sugar. It’s working fabulous. 

The 7 minute workout app

The 7 minute workout app gives you 12 high intensity bodyweight (only) exercises that you do 30 seconds per exercise, with 10 seconds of rest between exercises. It’s just a suggestion of what to do and you can build up to doing it.  It’s really hard at first. But eventually you’ll get the hang of it and be able to add more to it. It’s a great smartphone app for building strength and endurance. 

Daily Yoga

The Daily Yoga app has so many choices. There’s a great many programs to choose from. Some require that you pay a fee and join and others are free for you to download and do. You choose. There are ads but to me it’s worth it to be able to do yoga on the fly. Yoga is such an amazing workout for your body. My husband has bad knees and he does yoga to help them. It’s not just a girl workout. If you think yoga’s easy you might should give it a try! 

Stability Ball Workout Lite

This workout is fun. I love using the ball to get my workout in. It gives you complete workouts for you to do. You don’t need any special equipment except the ball. I love the apps that give you a complete workout for you to do. Now these just give you the instructions on how to do it and then you do it on your own. 

Daily Abs

I love that this workout gives you different times. You can do 5 min, 8 min or 10 minute abs. These are great workouts that give you videos too. If you want to do more there are paid options as well. Check it out and do it like us and see if you like it as well. 

Hope you enjoy these 5 Apps to help you lose weight

These are great ways to get your workout on. Why not try them and see. Free is always for me and this is what we’re doing right now to lose weight and get into better shape. What apps do you use to lose weight and workout? 

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If you're like me and my husband you're on the weight loss and workout path. These apps are working for us to workout and track weightloss.

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