10 reasons to start saving for retirement now!

Do you subscribe to the “If it’s not happening now I shouldn’t think about it theory”? Are you one to wait and postpone things that aren’t important to you in this moment? You should begin putting away for retirement now. Do not wait. Now is the time. I know retirement seems a long way off. Especially if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s but trust me that day will be here before you know it and you need to be prepared! So let’s get prepared and stop putting it off. Let’s start planning retirement and saving for it now.

10 reasons to start saving for retirement now

10 reasons retirement should be started now. 

  1. The earlier you start the longer you have for compound interest to work in your favor. If you start now even if you think you can’t afford it start by putting 3% of your income back. It’s not that much and you’ll enjoy the benefits when you retire. 
  2. There’s never a good time to start saving.  Money will always be tight. Just make the most of it and go on and do it. Eat beans and rice one night a week so you can start putting that money back. 
  3. But my kids need to go to college. Yes, they do but they can get a loan and you can’t get a loan to retire. Do you think the kids want you living with them or would they rather pay a loan off for college? My son is in college and we’re helping him if we can but he’s on his own. Not because we don’t love him but because we can’t afford retirement and college. He’s gotten scholarships and is working it out his own way. I’m thankful that he’s handling it while we try to handle our retirement. I think he’ll thank us later.
  4. Health insurance costs continue to climb. We’re going to need retirement to pay for healthcare. It’s ridiculous the way health insurance has gone up in this country. Be proactive with retirement so you’ll have something when you reach that age. 
  5. Retirement will come for those of us that are lucky enough to reach it. Don’t put it off.
  6. You do not want to try to live on social security alone. It will barely be enough to cover 2 weeks of living. If it’s still around then! 
  7. Did you know that if you do qualify for Social Security it only lasts 25 years. What will you do when it runs out?
  8. Work now and play later! Get your work out of the way now and save for playing later when you’re retired! I can’t wait for us to retire and travel! 
  9. Never put off until tomorrow what you can get done today! 
  10. Compound interest works. It will do amazing things to that little bit you put back for retirement. Put it to work for you!! 

Have you started putting back for retirement? Why or why not? Let’s do it and you can thank me later!!


Are you wondering if you should start putting back for retirement? Here's all the reasons why! !

6 Replies to “10 reasons to start saving for retirement now!”

  1. Saving for the future is very important. This is something every young person needs to know. I wish growing up I had known more about saving. Thank you for the article, I shared 🙂

  2. we really need to start looking into saving for retirement. that always scares me thinking we haven’t even started yet and I don’t want to be broke when we are older!

  3. Thank you for the tips. We don’t have a lot in savings but we try to put so much in the bank every month.

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